Wanted For Murder in Trinidad!!!

Trinidadian murder suspect, Jabari Roberts being escorted to a St. George’s Magistrate's Court to face an illegal entry charge

Trinidadian murder suspect, Jabari Roberts being escorted to a St. George’s Magistrate’s Court to face an illegal entry charge

A man wanted for murder in neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago has been handed over to law enforcement officials in the twin island republic.

Trinidadian national, Obika Jabari Roberts, flew out of the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) last week Friday on-board a helicopter of the National Guards after he was handed over to members of the Trinidad Police Service.

Police sources told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the suspect moved into Grenada several months ago but was immediately put under surveillance.

A source who asked not to be named said that Roberts had lived in different parts of the country but was residing in the Springs/Belmont area when he was cornered and arrested.

He said the man who was wanted for an alleged homicide in his homeland had picked up a Grenadian woman and was living with her.

According to the source, the lawmen had arrested Roberts on one occasion and he tried to deceive them by impersonating the identity of a Grenadian man from St. Andrew’s.

This was not the first time that the fugitive from justice had tried to use the same scheme on the local lawmen.

However, this time the police had outwitted him. The police had in their possession the finger prints of the local that Roberts claimed to be and decided to match the two fingerprints.

“The finger prints did not match and when we told him (Roberts) that it was not so it was then that he confessed to us”, said the source.

THE NEW TODAY also understands that the wanted man in Port-of-Spain had also issued a number of threats against members of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) when he was taken into custody.

According to an official police report, Roberts had served a one-month sentence at the Richmond Hill Prison for entering the state illegally.

It is believed that he was finally picked up and prosecuted during a police operation in October.

This newspaper was able to garner further details about Roberts from a report carried in one of the daily newspapers in Trinidad & Tobago.

The Trinidad Express carried the following report on Wednesday: “A man who alleged shot and killed a 17 year old store clerk during a robbery twelve years ago, appeared in court on Monday, after being held in Grenada, where police claim he was hiding out.

Police issued a press statement on Tuesday naming the accused as Obika Jabari Roberts, of Fifth Avenue, Barataria.

Roberts was 17 years old when he allegedly committed the killing.

He is charged with manslaughter, five offences of possession of a firearm, four offences of possession of ammunition, and one offence of discharging a firearm within 40 yards of a public road.

Roberts appeared before Chief Magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar in the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court on Monday, and remanded in prison custody to reappear in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court on Monday.

Roberts, 29, is charged with the shooting death of Arvin Bissoondial, a stores clerk, during a robbery at Rennie’s shoe store at High Street, San Fernando on November 29th, 2003.
Police claim Roberts fled Trinidad and Tobago in 2009 for Grenada while on bail.

According to the police: “Based on intelligence exchange between local Interpol and Interpol Grenada, Roberts was located in Grenada and arrested as an illegal immigrant on Friday 16th October, 2015. He was subsequently deported to Trinidad after appearing before a Grenada Magistrate Court on Monday 16th November, 2015.

The fugitive was repatriated to Trinidad on Friday 20th November,
2015, under escort of Sgt. (Ag.) Randy Ramjag of the Homicide Investigations Bureau and

Cpl. Gerald Williams of the local Interpol Bureau, with the assistance of an N.O.C. helicopter crew and TTPS Air Support Unit, after being handed over by Grenada Police and
Immigration Officials”.

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