Chester Simon wants an apology

The man who is at the centre of allegations of defrauding customs of duties for equipment for a radio station belonging to Radio Broadcaster George Grant is demanding an apology.

Chester Simon wants his own apology

Chester Simon wants his own apology

Security Advisor to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, Cletus St. Paul last January accused Grenadian-born Chester Simon who is residing in Switzerland of evading customs of duties with his container that contained radio equipment for Chime FM Radio which is operated by Grant.

St. Paul reportedly made the comments to talk show host, Kem Jones at a public meeting of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) held in Birchgrove, St. Andrew’s.

The conversation which was filled with raw obscene language was recorded and made its way on social media.

“Chester Simon is an ass for himself. He defraud customs… Last year Chester bring in a container with equipment, part was for the Ministry of Health and part was personal… Kem, Chester last year bring out all George Grant radio equipment… he (Chester) defrauded government of their revenue,” St. Paul was quoted as saying.

Grant felt that St. Paul’s comments were malicious and libelous and had his Attorney-at-law, Ruggles Ferguson write to the National Security Advisor seeking an apology.

Cletus St. Paul admitted that he was wrong

Cletus St. Paul admitted that he was wrong

The broadcaster aired an oral version of the apology last week Sunday during his weekly “Sundays With George Grant Programme,”.

Simon immediately phoned into the programme and suggested that he too deserves an apology from St. Paul.

“It is only (of) courtesy that he (St. Paul) extends an apology to me also because he was accusing me of trying to defraud the Government of Grenada with much needed revenue,” he said.

“I feel very happy for you Mr. Grant, but my name is still there George and it is very unfair that he gave you an apology, and we were in this together. I (am) expecting an apology from Mr. St. Paul,” he added.

Simon had brought into the country last year a container with medical supplies for the health sector among other items.

When the medical supplies were taken out for the Ministry of Healthy, the Customs Department moved in and locked down the container on claims of under-invoicing.

Simon said that to date the container issue has not been resolved.

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