Anglican High school 100th project

Almost $1 million in upgrade is being planned for the educational and social development of young ladies and potential young ladies attending the Anglican High School in Tanteen.

This venture dubbed “Anglican High School 100th project”,  is the brain child of The Anglican High School Past Pupil Association.

The Anglican High School at present

The Anglican High School at present

This planned expansion will be done to the accommodation and recreational facilities at the school’s compound.

Public Relations Officer of the Association, Karen Charles, told reporters at a media briefing that the long-term dream is to construct two three-story buildings to serve as additional classrooms,  as well as upgrade the flat where the playing field sits in front the school and to have a ring road around the school.

Three areas were identified as priority areas for development, the first being the instructional accommodation.

The PRO said: “You would remember in 2004, the school was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan and so the building that exist and was reconstructed is as a result of past pupils working along with the government of Grenada at the time and the CDB Bank.

“So we were able to get back the big building – the big building which was once a one-story when it was destroyed by fire in 1973 and we were able to get it back as a two-story building and we were able to expand in large the administrative building which is the small curved building but we’ll link it (with) two other buildings,” she added.

Another area cited for development is recreational and social development.

Charles said that this will include an Amphitheatre, a three feet structure rising off the flat, a new drainage system, a café/sports room and a landscaped courtyard.

She identified the other area as one for  Access and Circulation that will provide easy access for drop off for students and teachers attending the school.

Future upgrade plans for The Anglican High school

Future upgrade plans for The Anglican High school

“When I went to Anglican High School there was a big flamboyant tree at the top gate at Lowther’s Lane and there was a road straight from Lowther’s Lane right through the school compound to Tanteen. So it was easy to drop off your children and go on to town, right now that does not happen,” she said

The Access and Circulation upgrade will be in addition to a one-way perimeter road linking the top of The Anglican High School with the access road at the bottom.

Charles said it is the hope of the Association to have all of the upgrades completed by 2016 but admitted that there are challenges in raising funds.

She said the main aim right now is to upgrade the playing field, which will cost approximately $50,000, followed by the start of the first main building on the flat.

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