Congress getting in election mood

The main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) is getting into an election mood, according to the party’s General Secretary Patrick Simmons.

The NDC leaders headed by Political Leader, Nazim Burke, General Secretary Patrick Simmons and Chairman, Dr. George Vincent

The NDC leaders headed by Political Leader, Nazim Burke, General Secretary Patrick Simmons and Chairman, Dr. George Vincent

In an exclusive interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper after Congress held its General Council last week Sunday at the Concord government school, the former Minister of Sports said the party is re-energised and ready to deal with the issues that confront the nation.

He said it was “probably the best” General council held by Congress since 2008 and it really “epitomised the seriousness of the party” to try and regain power.

According to Simmons, Congress is now in an election mood and the party believes there are many indicators that seem to suggest that General Elections, although constitutionally due in 2018, might be called soon.

NDC currently has no seat in the House of Representatives followings its 15-0 loss at the polls in February 2013 to the New National Party (NNP) of Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Simmons said “things (are) actually really looking up,” in terms of organisation of the organs of the party.

Many of the NDC Caretakers are currently on the ground touching base with the constituents, he said.

“We’re not really where we want to be yet, but you can see great improvement, and that was highlighted in the report coming from the General Secretary which would have reflected what the constituencies would have reported,” he added.

Simmons indicated that one of the issues of major concern to the party is mobilisation of finances and other resources.

He spoke of Congress being hopeful that this can be achieved with the recent restructuring of the New York Chapter, and with efforts now in place to have the Chapters in Toronto, Montreal and Washington DC reactivated.

Election for the Toronto Chapter is scheduled to take place on November 21.

The party leadership including the Political Leader, Senator Nazim Burke recently embarked on a North American Tour, which they deemd to be highly successful.

The General Secretary’s report gave an account of all the working committees within Congress, and also focused heavily on the status of the constituencies.

Eight resolutions were adopted during the closed-door session of the General Council.

An upbeat Simmons indicated that each of the resolutions addressed current affairs that are adversely affecting the growth and development of the country.

The resolutions called for the naming of the Football and Athletics Stadium in recognition of Grenadian lone Gold Olympic Medalist, Kirani James, others focused on healthcare, the burdensome taxes, and the unemployment situation.

Congress delegates also adopted a resolution on the government’s debt restructuring with the National Insurance Scheme (NIS), another on agriculture and agri-business with direct investment for food security, job creation and nutrition, while another resolution addressed party organisation.

The NDC General Secretary said that apart from the “jubilant delegates” coming from each of the 15 constituencies, there were also representatives in attendance from the newly re-organised New York Chapter.

The General Council also used the opportunity to elect its Disciplinary Committee.

Simmons expressed satisfaction with the composition of the committee noting that it comprises representatives from the Youth and Women’s Arm of the party.

Congress also set January 24th 2016 as the date for its annual convention.

The General Council was held under the theme, “We Are In This Together For A Better Grenada.”

NDC has been forced to rebuild after the expulsion in September 2012 of several top members of the party including its General Secretary, Peter David, ex-government ministers Glynis Roberts, Joseph Gilbert and Karl hood, and trade unionist, Chester Humphrey.

David and Gilbert have since taken up membership with the NNP while Hood was given an ambassadorial position and Humphrey landed the top position of President of the Senate under an arrangement named, “Project Grenada”.

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