Morning Jogger Kidnapped

A St. George’s woman who jogs in the early hours of the morning had a scare of her life last Saturday morning as a man dressed in black kidnapped her while sitting in her car.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper understands that the woman was accosted by the man around 5.00 a.m while in the Car Park of FedEx along the Kirani James boulevard waiting on her colleagues to arrive to start their daily routine exercise.

The attacker forced his way into the vehicle and drove away with the woman who managed to escape in Paddock by opening the door and throwing herself out of the moving vehicle.

The victim reportedly drove into the Car Park around 4.55 a.m and had already contacted the other joggers who were making their way to the area.

A man dressed in all black including a long sleeve jersey and wearing a black cap that was pulled almost over his entire face approached her about five minutes on arrival.

THE NEW TODAY was told by sources that the man had a bag in his hand and moments later pulled out an iron from it to stage the attack on the female jogger.

The victim told the police that the man came up to the vehicle and asked her if she was going in town and pointed in the direction.

When she replied that she was not going in that direction, the man quickly pulled out a piece of iron from the bag in his hand, struck the car with it and quickly opened the door to enter the vehicle.

The attacker ordered the woman to move from behind the steering wheel of the vehicle and into the passenger seat to make room for him.

According to well-placed sources, the attacker looked down at the gears of the vehicle, fidgeting a little with it before driving off.

The kidnapper broke traffic on reaching Reno cinema by doing a sharp right onto the Paddock main road instead of going around the round-a -bout.
The woman, being scared for her life, decided to jump out of the vehicle on reaching near to Otway’s Gas Station.

As she opened the door to throw herself out of the moving vehicle, the kidnapper sensed what she was doing and grabbed onto her jersey but she was able to free herself and make the jump to safety.

The man drove off with the car, which was found minutes later abandoned on the grounds of the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS).

Speculation is rife that the kidnapper drove the car into the Belmont area, passed through the road by Glean’s Garage then back onto the Kirani James Boulevard and up the hill towards GBSS.

One of the joggers who had arrived just in time to see the vehicle speeding away from the Car Park thought that the woman was going to give someone a lift and would soon be back.

In addition, another of the joggers saw the car moving along the boulevard after the incident but did not notice when it went up the hill for GBSS.

The woman suffered some injuries to the body from the fall.

THE NEW TODAY is urging other female joggers to be extremely careful when going out in the early hours of the morning to exercise.

Joggers, particularly women should become more vigilant and take certain precautions whenever they are out early in the morning to exercise.

Precautions can include simple procedures such as always making sure that when parked and alone in their vehicles that all windows are fully wound up, that all the doors in their vehicles are locked even with them being in the vehicle.

The female joggers should only park their vehicles in areas that are considered secured such as on the Carenage next to the Police and Fire Station.

The police are currently investigating the matter of the attempted kidnap of the female Jogger along the Kirani James Boulevard.

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