“The Law – A Vehicle for Justice and Social Change”

The Grenada Bar Association (GBA) has designated November 8-14 as Law Week 2015 under the theme, “ The Law – A vehicle for Justice and Social Change”.

The week began on Sunday with a Church Service at St George’s Cathedral and Brunch, and on the days following the programme included visits by lawyers to secondary schools, visits by students throughout the country to the Magistrates and High Courts, radio and television programmes; a Pro Bono Day and Public Legal Education forum in Grenville.

Among the other highlights of the week were a Mock Trial involving law students at the T.A Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), a donation to the Dorothy Hopkins Children’s Home in Tempe, visits to Her Majesty Prisons and the donation of clothing and reading materials for use by prison inmates.

The week will end tomorrow (Saturday) with a fete Cricket Match between Police Prosecutors, Staff at the Supreme Court Registry and Lawyers.

During the week, media programmes focused on several areas of the law including the proposed amendments to the Labour Code, the proposed Possessory Titles Act (regularising the title of persons in long possession of land), and the proposed Juvenile Justice Act.

Other areas of focus included the Constitution, Child Maintenance and other Family issues, and the Structure and Operation of our Courts.

A special feature of Law Week 2015 was the 1st Ben Jones Public Legal Education Forum held on Wednesday at Bain’s Hall in Grenville.

The forum, named after former Prime Minister Ben Jones – who passed away in 2005 after serving the legal profession for over 40 years – focused on the topic, “ Understanding our Constitution and Making it Better Serve our People”.

Noted constitutional expert Dr. Francis Alexis, former President of the Senate and Speaker of the House, Dr. Lawrence Joseph, and former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas were invited to form the high-powered panel to stimulate inter-active discussion.

TAMCC law students were selected to engage in the mock trial that was fixed for Thursday (yesterday) focusing on a Sexual Offence.

The mock trial was expected to be held at the No 1 High Court before Justice Shiraz Aziz – one of the two sitting Judges in the criminal High Court – with students being attired in the outfits of practicing attorneys, including bibs and robes, and having the opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a real courtroom.

In 2001, Grenada became the first country to establish a Law Week. Since then it has been a standard feature of the Grenada Bar Association’s annual calendar of activities.

Seven other countries in the OECS sub-region now embrace the concept of Law Week, also making it part of their annual calendar.

Law Week aims to promote public legal education and provides an opportunity for greater interaction among members of the profession.

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