SAMS partners with Event Coordinators

St. Augustine Medical Services (SAMS) is partnering with local promoters and event coordinators to improve public safety at public events, in compliance with internationally agreed standards.

IMG_3654Over the course of 2015, SAMS has partnered with several event managers to provide onsite medical and ambulance services in the event of an accident, or medical emergency.

Administrative Director of SAMS, Allyson Amechi said there is a need for adequate medical personnel and emergency services, particularly at large events or concerts.

“An emergency can occur at any time and place. It is important for proper medical services and personnel to be on-site – particularly at large concerts, fairs, sports meets and similar events – to administer emergency care. Medical services are also essential when hosting international performers, as having an on-site medical team is the normal required standard at the concerts in which they perform” she said.

Amechi also noted that event promoters should consider the type of venue the event is hosted at, and prepare for all possible injuries as well as the number of persons that could get hurt should a disaster occur.

Additionally, promoters should ensure that there are an adequate number of emergency exits, as well as considering any obstacles which could prevent a medical team from getting to a particular group of persons quickly, such as a body of water or a cliff, for which special equipment and rescue response would be required.

According to Amechi, rapid response to an emergency situation is critical and can make a significant difference in the outcome of a disaster.

“While we hope that events remain incident free, it is always best to be prepared. Health and safety are top priorities at SAMS and we also encourage event promoters to consider these aspects so as to ensure the safety and well being of their patrons”, she remarked.

St. Augustine’s Medical Services has partnered with the coordinators of International and Invitational Drag Racing Competitions, as well as provided roadside emergency response to Summer Crew Band throughout the Carnival season, provided emergency personnel and ambulance services at CIBC FirstCaribbean’s Walk for Cure, Cancer awareness march and WG Promotion’s day fete held over the Thanksgiving weekend.

In December, SAMS will partner once again with Sunshine Promotions for their annual concert ‘Ah December to Remember’, which will feature Grammy Award winners Ashanti and Jah Rule in concert.

St. Augustine’s Medical Services has partnered with Ian “Judah” St. Bernard for over ten years providing medical support services ae2d by his company.

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