Lawrene Griffith – the best Grenadian performer at Sir Hugh Wooding Law School

Newly admitted attorney-at-Law Lawrene Griffith has come to the local bar as the most outstanding student who graduated from the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad and Tobago.

The 26-year old female lawyer is the 2015 recipient of the Grenada Bar Association (GBA) sponsored “Award for Excellence,” an annual prize valued at $1,500 bestowed upon the best performing Grenadian student graduating from the Law School.

The honour was bestowed on her at the ‘Ceremony for the Presentation of Graduates’ held at the Sports and Physical Education Centre at the University of West Indies (UWI) St. Augustine Campus in neighbouring Trinidad on October 3.

Newly admitted Attorney-at-Law, Lawrene Griffith

Newly admitted Attorney-at-Law, Lawrene Griffith

“It was not something that I was working for, it was just my aim to do the best that I could do,” said Attorney Griffith in an interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper last week Thursday.

“I feel accomplished…it’s a good feeling”, Griffith said noting, “Law school is not (an) easy (task). I have never read so much in my life and I love to read…it was a lot of sleepless nights.”

The 26-year-old attorney, who is one of 8 new lawyers recently admitted to the Grenada bar, is one of 21 students from different territories deemed worthy of being on the Principal’s Roll of Honour having attained the standard 6 or more courses in the area of study.

Following her superior performance at law school, Griffith commenced her journey as an official Attorney-at-Law on October 25 as a member of the law firm of Afi Ventour and Co., located on Lucas Street, St. George’s.

She made her debut appearance last week Wednesday in a civil matter before Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill, who presides over the No. 1 Magistrate’s Court in St. George’s.

The winning portrait of Sir Hugh Wooding as done by top local law student

The winning portrait of Sir Hugh Wooding as done by top local law student

Attorney Griffith said criminal law was her “favorite course during law school.”

However, she expressed interest in practicing different areas of law before choosing a specific area to specialise in.

“I don’t believe in knocking something before trying it,” Griffith said, adding, “I think this is the time for me to do a bit of every thing to kind of feel it out and decide what I really want to specialise in…more than likely at some later date I will practice some criminal law.”

The newly admitted attorney expressed interest in other areas of law including environmental, family and intellectual property, just to name a few.

Attorney Griffith, who is a resident of Circular Drive Housing Scheme in Grand Anse, St. George also shared with this newspaper her love for art.

During her first year at Hugh Wooding, she entered an art competition held among the students at the school copping the first place cash prize for a remarkable portrait painted of Sir Hugh Wooding, the legal luminary the school is named after.

Attorney Griffith is the second of Lawrence and Brenda Griffith four (4) children and is a past student of St. George’s Anglican Junior and Senior Schools and St. Joseph’s Convent, St. George’s.

During her 2-year tertiary education at the T.A. Marryshow Community College (TAMCC), she found part time employment at Ciboney Chambers law firm, where she gained noteworthy experience in law proceedings.

Griffith was also employed for two years at Henry Hudson-Phillips law firm before commencing her journey in law education at the University of West Indies Cave Hill Campus, Barbados in 2010.

After three years, she graduated from UWI with honours and a Legum baccalaureus (LLB) bachelor degree in law.

She then went on to pursue a 2 year Legal Education Certificate (LEC) at the Sir Hugh Wooding Law School in 2013.

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