Clack murder trial on the way

The highly anticipated murder trial of British national, Alexander Robert Clack started Monday before Madam Justice Paula Gilford at High Court Number 2 on the Carenage in St. George’s, with 2 witnesses taking the stand.

Acting Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Howard Pinnock, who is being assisted by his colleague, Brandon La Touche is leading the case on behalf of the State.

Clack is facing a charge of non-capital murder for the June 17th, 2014 death of his 27-year old wife Nixiann Clack of Duquesne, St Mark.

The accused has retained the services of seasoned criminal Attorney-at-Law, Anslem Clouden who is being assisted by female barrister, Gennilyn Ettienne.

A panel of 12 jurors and 2 standbys were Monday morning chosen by the court to hear the case.

The trial judge reminded the members of the jury that they are not to discuss any of the evidence put forward to the court during the trial among themselves or with anyone else to ensure a non-prejudicial trial for the accused.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the prosecution intends to call 10 witness.

Monday’s proceedings saw the complete examination and cross-examination of the first witnesses called, a cousin of the deceased.

The Prosecution also called its second witness, who was identified as a neighbour of both the accused and the deceased.

Clack, who is also a Grenadian citizen, was 32 years old at the time he allegedly killed his wife whose body was discovered by police officers in a black suitcase, measuring 3ft 6 ins wide and 3ft 8 ins in length, that was pulled out of a shallow grave in the hilly Mt. Moritz area of St. George’s.

The incident allegedly took place on the sixth Anniversary of Nixiann’s marriage to Clack and the same day after she threatened to move from the home in Calliste back to her hometown with their 2-year old child due to an abusive relationship.

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