Sentences for Wounding and Burglary

Two separate cases of suspended sentences were handed down in the high court last Friday for Burglary and Wounding.

Thirty one year old Mondell Dufont of Snug Corner, St George, represented by newly admitted attorney-at-law, Olabissi Clouden of Grenlaw Chambers, pleaded guilty to Burglary and Wounding.

The suspect who appeared before high court judge, Justice Paula Gilford, committed the crime against his ex-girlfriend.

A charge of attempted murder was also brought against Dufont for which he pleaded not guilty and the State did not lead any evidence against him on the count.

The victim was hospitalised for five days after being stabbed in her chest three times by Dufont.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Dufont broke into a window of his ex girlfriend’s house and found her with another man.

The accused reacted by sitting on top of her, threatening to kill her and then stabbed her three times in the chest.

During the court proceedings on Friday, the victim asked Madam Gilford to show mercy as she has since forgiven Dufont for his actions.

The female high court judge took the plea and other findings into consideration and decided to hand down a suspended sentence of five years for Burglary and four years and nine months for Wounding to run concurrently.

Dufont was ordered by the court to pay $5000 compensation to the State – $2000 to be paid by December 30th and $500 to be paid on the final day of every month for the next six months.

He also has to enroll in an anger management class and consequential thinking programme.

The judge also slapped a curfew on Dufont for him to remain indoors between the hours of 9.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. everyday for six months, and a bond for 12 months to keep the peace.

If Dufont breaches any of the set conditions he will have to spend five years in prison.

The judge also handed down a 16 month suspended sentence on Keron Date of Tivoli, St Andrew after he pleaded guilty to wounding.

Date was represented by attorney-at-law, Ashley Bernardine before the high court judge.

The accused was ordered to pay compensation of $5000  and ordered to enroll in anger management classes.

He also has to adhere to a curfew between the hours of 9.00 p.m. and 4.00 a.m. up until December 18.

If any of those conditions are breached, he will be imprisoned for 16 months.

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