Sandals promises more jobs from November

Approximately, two years after investing in the 6-Star luxurious Sandals La Source Resort in the south of the island, Sandals Resorts International has commissioned its new worldwide Marketing Center in Frequente, St. George’s.

Highlights of last week Wednesday’s tour of Sandals Resorts International Marketing Arm UVL Grenada Ltd.

Highlights of last week Wednesday’s tour of Sandals Resorts International Marketing Arm UVL Grenada Ltd.

The centre will be in addition to a EC$2 Million project I the making that is expected to facilitate 120 new employees.

The facility is under construction upstairs Unique Vacations Grenada Ltd. – the marketing and promotion arm of Sandals Resorts, which is located on the compound of the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC).

Regional Manager for Human Resource and Finance in the Caribbean for Sandals, Perry Longville, said the state of the art facility, which is expected to be completed by the first week of November will comprise features including “new training facilities, conference rooms, lounges, and gaming rooms “for our employees so that they can get a chance to relax and unwind.”

Approximately 160 young Grenadians are currently employed with the enterprise, which started taking on employees since February this year.

Longville disclosed that these employees are now undergoing “boot camp training” in preparation for the upcoming busy period in December.

This, Longville said, is to ensure that the employees are familiar with Sandals Products (all the properties that Jamaica ace entrepreneur Butch Stewart owns) and that they feel comfortable when they interact with clients.

According to Longville, the workers would also get the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the different Sandals resorts first hand following their training onboard a chartered jet.

“They would not just sit in a class room setting but they will get the opportunity to fly around the Eastern Caribbean to experience the various Sandal Resorts in Barbados, Antigua, St. Lucia and possibly in Jamaica”, he said.

A tour of the UVL’s office was conducted last week Wednesday in the presence of government officials including Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and local media houses.

The Prime Minister praised Stewart for making all this possible in Grenada, noting that “Butch” has expressed satisfaction “with the quality of the young people that they have been able to get to come into this special area of work.”

“We are blessed in Grenada with a tremendously well qualified and good quality young work force…one of the best that he (Butch) has seen in all the areas that he has moved around and had business in.”

“That has enormous selling point for your country…when Butch says something like this, and everybody knows Butch as a man that sets certain standards – when he express those views publicly, not just to the Prime Minister but to a wide community of people that he has met – it is a tremendous selling point for us.

“And what is more…every time you get an opportunity and you perform well and you provide a good name for the work you are doing you are in fact an ambassador to the rest of the young people still looking for opportunities.

“So what you are doing and the quality of work that you are producing here and your attitude to work are a tremendous selling point … I am deeply grateful for what you are doing and the image that you are setting for your beautiful country.

During the tour, PM Mitchell had the opportunity to interact with some of the employees at UVL Grenada Ltd.

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