LIME reimburses Grenada Airports Authority

A cheque of $120,000 was handed over to the Grenada Airports Authority (GAA) from LIME as reimbursement for the re-construction of the Airport Taxi building, which was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

During the handing over taking place at the LIME headquarters at Mt Hartman last Thursday, Marketing Officer at LIME, Kelly Mitchell said the donation is part of his company’s Social Corporate responsibility agenda.

Head of Corporate Sales at LIME, Donald Darius hands cheque over to GAA rep, Wendy Williams

Head of Corporate Sales at LIME, Donald Darius hands cheque over to GAA rep, Wendy Williams

Mitchell recalled that in the 2013/2014 financial year, the Board of Directors and Management of LIME identified and agreed on some Corporate Social responsibility projects.

“Over $89,000 in the TAMCC project to refurbish two resource labs, outfitted them with brand new computers and projector screens, LIME invested 150,000 for the rebuilding of a brand new bleacher facility plus the restoration of 12 toilet facility at the Roy St John playing field,” he said.

So far, he said, $350,000 has been pumped back into the society.

Head of Corporate Sales at LIME, Donald Darius said LIME is pleased to ensure that the Airports Authority is one of the businesses that they will continue to work with in the future in terms of development and in terms of economic activity.

“What is more important for us here is that even aside from the investment in the community, we at LIME are also investing in business as well and as Head of Corporate Sales for business – we are looking at many different initiatives to bring forth business product solutions to our business customers out there”, he said.

“…For instance we have recently launched our install shield PBX solution that allows customers to gain more out of the use of our products in the sense that they could now integrate voice, they could now integrate data, they could now integrate all different facilities to allow them to save financially and to allow workers to work remotely and still get access to reaching their customers very quickly,” he added.

Accepting on behalf of the GAA was CEO, Wendy Williams who said this project is unique and is important to our airport community at large.

“It bridges the gap between air and land transport but more importantly our authorised taxi drivers at MBIA now have a meeting place; not only to streamline their operations in an environment that is safe secure and comfortable but it offers them the opportunity to socialise in an environment aesthetically would be very good,”  she said.

Williams stated that the onus is now on the taxi associations – the Grenada Airport Taxi Association (GATA) and the Progressive Airport Taxi Unit (PATU) – to put systems in place to operate effectively and efficiently for the benefit of all airport users.

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