Armed Bandits attack Gas Station

Quarless - gun was pointed at him by one of the bandits

Quarless – gun was pointed at him by one of the bandits

Police have begun a search for two armed masked men who attacked a gas station in Grenville, St. Andrew on Monday night.

A police official told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that one of the attackers was armed with a gun and the other had a cutlass in hand.

The Gas Station is operated by small businessman Sylvester Quarless, a former Member of Parliament for the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in St. Andrew South-west.

Quarless confirmed to this newspaper that he was at the Gas Station when the armed bandits struck at around 11.07 p.m as the workers were closing the business place for the night.

He spoke of the man with the gun pulling out the weapon and pointing it to him while demanding money.

He said the gunman ordered him to lie down on the ground and he refused to do so.

“I told him that I ain’t lying down, if he wants to shoot me then he could do that”, the politician/businessman told this newspaper.

According to Quarless, he informed the attacker that there was no money on the compound as the Security company hired by the Gas Station had already taken it for safe-keeping.

He said the other man with the cutlass rushed inside the small mini-mart on the compound and asked for money but retreated when he got none.

The business operator said that the Gas Station no longer keeps large sums of monies on the compound for any given period of time in the day due to the amount of financial losses suffered in past robberies over the years.

He spoke of losing EC$50, 000.00 in 10 years due to robberies with the most being $29, 000.00 in 2013.

Quarless was high in praise for the reaction of the nearby Grenville Police Station when the lawmen were telephoned and told about the attempted robbery.

“The police responded quickly and cordoned off the area but the two men were not found”, he said.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the armed bandits fled into some nearby bushes close to an area known as “305 Alley”.

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