Digicel donates $12,000 to local Charities

Digicel is celebrating 12 years of business in Grenada and as part of their celebration, the company has donated $12,000 across six charities.

Donation Recipients with Digicel CEO Ciaràn Burke

Donation Recipients with Digicel CEO Ciaràn Burke

The charities were all invited to a ceremony on October 27, where CEO Ciaràn Burke gave a few remarks and presented each organisation with their cheques.

The six organisations receiving donations were the Grenada Kidney Foundation, Sister of the Sorrowful Mother, Society of St. Vincent De Paul, Charles Memorial Home, Resource Centre for the Blind, and St. George’s SDA Primary School.

Each one was selected based on their areas of work in society as well as their level of need for support.

The representatives for each charity received their donation with huge smiles and words of gratitude.

Most expressed that the donation could not be more timely and would assist in current projects that were in need of funding.

“We understand that every cause is a worthy one and every dollar helps, so we at Digicel are excited to be able to give a donation and to be able to do so for this many organisations, especially at a time where companies are making cuts and things like donations are usually the first to suffer”, said CEO Ciaràn Burke.

“We will continue to give back to the community wherever we can, and aim to spread the support even further”, he added.

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