Clergyman: Project Grenada should not only be lip service

A local Clergyman has admonished Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell to ensure that his call for the entire Nation of Grenada to be part of the so-called “Project Grenada” philosophy is more than mere lip service.

Archdeacon Glasgow had his say on ‘Project Grenada”

Archdeacon Glasgow had his say on ‘Project Grenada”

“We hear about Project Grenada –  Mr. Prime Minister – that’s a good thing, but it has to be more than lip service,” said Archdeacon Christian Glasgow of the Anglican Church while delivering the Homily at the annual Thanksgiving Day Service last Sunday at the Beaulieu Roman Catholic Church in St. George’s.

The Day is part of the official holiday in the Spice Isle to commemorate the October 25, 1983 rescue mission staged by U.S and Caribbean troops to restore order following the bloody executions on Fort George six days earlier.

A radical faction within the then ruling Marxist New Jewel Movement (NJM) had seized control of the island in a bloodbath in which Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and three Cabinet ministers were machine gunned to death.

According to Archdeacon Glasgow, “all those who want to be part of Project Grenada must have an understanding of community.”

He said the promoters of Project Grenada must have an understanding of the Nation of Grenada before self.

The Clergyman stressed that the Project Grenada Promoters must be like Rotarians who give service above self.

“That type of understanding allows us to deal fairly and squarely with the difficult issues of our day, and to deal with them not because of some personal aggrandisement, or some personal gain, but to deal with them in a God-like manner for the benefit of this Nation,” he said.

The “Project Grenada” concept was first floated after the 15-0 victory by Mitchell’s New National Party (NNP) in general elections held in February 2013 over its main rival, the then governing National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Trade unionist Chester Humphrey, an expelled member of Congress, is credited with introducing the idea as part of a move by NDC dissidents to co-operate with the new Mitchell administration.

As part of the deal, a number of former officials were given prestigious jobs with the new administration – Peter David landing a position in the Senate, Karl Hood being appointed an Ambassador, and Humphrey himself getting the top billing as President of the Senate.

Congress has poured scorn on “Project Grenada” describing it as an attempt by the promoters to create a one-party state on the island.

Archdeacon Glasglow also used his homily to call on Grenadians to stop paying lip service to the claim that Grenada is a Christian Nation.

He said considering that there is a population of about 110,000 people, less than one percent of the population attend the annual Thanksgiving Day Service.

The senior Anglican Cleric pointed out that he can guarantee that 99.9 percent of the activities taking place elsewhere on the island in celebration of Thanksgiving Day have nothing to do with an act of gratitude to Almighty God.

He said if indeed Grenada is a Christian Nation and a Christian people, as it is claimed, the people must be able to seek first the things that are of the Kingdom of God.

“If we are Christians, let us submit to the will of God. Is it too much to ask that as a Nation who claim to be Christian that we come together and say ‘Lord we thank You for goodness –  is it too much to ask?”

According to Archdeacon Glasglow, the challenge for those in leadership role is to speak to those who they lead in seeking to inculcate in them an understanding of what it means to submit oneself to the will of God.

He said the challenge for the Conference of Churches of Grenada (CCG) is to seek in a more active way to get across to the Nation the understanding of what it really means to be a Christian Nation.

During her presentation of the Throne Speech to mark the commencement of the 4th Session of the Ninth Parliament last week Wednesday, Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade said a subcommittee of the Social Partners, led by the Conference of Churches will propose ways and means for the observance of the week of October 19-25 which will be designated a “Week of Remembrance,” starting next year.

Archdeacon Glasgow believes that as Thanksgiving Day is once again celebrated, there are many lessons that can be drawn from part of the Gospel of St. Matthew, chapter 6 that was used as one of the readings of the Service.

He stressed that part of thanksgiving is “recalling our history.”

The Homilist reinforced his point by stating that the author of the Gospel was writing to a young Church that was faced with serious economic problems, and religious persecution among others.

The Cleric indicated that in the nineteenth verse of the Gospel where the people were faced with who they will serve, the author declared that they cannot serve God and man or two masters at the same time.

Archdeacon Glasgow indicated that the act of Thanksgiving is recorded in the Book of Deuteronomy, chapter 26 of the exodus story where Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.

He said part of the Israelites ceremony of thanksgiving required that their history be recalled.

“The thanksgiving celebration as originated in the Bible began out of a particular incident that was indelibly marked in the lives, in the history and in the psychic of the people, Israel,” he remarked.

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