KFC gets compensation

 Amelia Andall - fined EC$500 for stealing

Amelia Andall – fined EC$500 for stealing

A St. George’s Magistrate Court has awarded compensation to owner of KFC, Joseph Ross in the sum of $1, 170 for monies that were stolen from the company by a former employee in July.

The defendant Amelia Andall, was also fined EC$500 Monday on 2 counts of stealing by reason of employment by Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill, presiding over the St. George’s No. 1 Magistrate’s Court.

The New Hampshire (Willis) resident pleaded guilty to the charges last September, giving indication to the court that there are other employees engaged in the act of stealing monies from the fast food company.

Andall was arrested and charged by police investigators on July 19 after a co-worker observed her pocketing monies received from a customer for the sale of a food item.

She was accused of theft of approximately EC$1,200 from KFCs Granby Street and Melville Street fast food outlets in St. George’s sometime during the month of July.

Joseph Ross – to be compensated for monies stolen from KFC

Joseph Ross – to be compensated for monies stolen from KFC

During their last court appearance, KFC boss Joseph Ross expressed a desire to find out the names of the other perpetrators as well and to have Andall jailed for the crime committed.

However, Attorney-at-Law, Peter David who was sitting in the court stepped in Pro-Bono to assist Andall, who faced a total of 5 years behind bars on each count of stealing.

In mitigating on Andall’s behalf, Attorney David requested that the court consider a non-custodial sentence, as Andall is a first time offender, suggesting alternative punishments, including counseling.

Monday’s court hearing revealed that a sum of approximately $280 was recovered from Andall on the day she was caught in the act of stealing.

In handing down the judgment, the Chief Magistrate noted the negative implications of the crime on Andall’s reputation and urged her to stay away from trouble.

Andall has up to three months to compensate KFC and to pay the EC$500.00 fine but in default spend 6 months behind bars at the Richmond Hill prison.

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