Digicel Back to School Promotion

Digicel’s Back to School promotion has seen 10 daily winners of credit for the duration of the promotion.

IMG_8911 resizeThe winners included 1 post-paid winner per week of the promotion who had their bills paid in full, 5 winners of school packs in week one, 5 winners of smartphones in week two, 5 winners of tablets in week three, 5 winners of $500 cash in week four – a total of 250 winners.

On October 15, the lucky winner was called live on radio, and on Friday, Judd Bartholomew of Mt. Parnassus, St. George, went down to the Digicel headquarters in Point Salines to collect his brand new scooter.

Judd stated that he had never won anything in his life, and that he thought the phone call was a prank and was very happy to have such a prize as his first ever win.

After collecting his keys and owner’s manual, he said he feels that the win has brought him luck and hopes to win more things in the future.

Bartholomew soon mounted his new machine and rode off with a smile.
Head of Commercial, Digicel Grenada, Reyan Neckles, expressed the feelings of the telecommunications provider on the promotion.

“We feel a certain sense of warmth and pride when we are able to put a smile on our customers’ faces, whether it is through exceptional customer service, offering the best telecommunication and business solutions, or awarding prizes in promotions like our Back to School Promotion.

“Congratulations to all of our winners, and just as the winners are encouraged to keep on looking out for promotions and playing our games, we at Digicel are encouraged every time to keep creating ways to engage and interact with our customers, and of course, create new ways to win.

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