Court Reporting system in Supreme Court Registry

A special reporting unit will be established within the Supreme Court registry by government in an effort to bring justice in a more timely manner to be people who are seeking it, according to Minister of Legal Affairs, Elvin Nimrod.

The building that is used by the Supreme Registry, which is in charge of the court cases on the island

The building that is used by the Supreme Registry, which is in charge of the court cases on the island

Speaking at the weekly post-Cabinet Press briefing held at the Ministerial Complex last week Tuesday, Minister Nimrod noted that the unit will piggy back on the implementation of the Jurist project in Grenada which was introduced less than a year ago.

This project, he said is aimed at reducing the backlog of cases that are currently in the court system.

“All of us know that we are plagued with this backlog and we don’t want to repeat this cliché but it’s always said that justice delayed is justice denied. We do not want to continue the situation where people have cases pending in the court for years and years and years and it causes a problem in the end – witnesses disappear or die, evidence are lost – and so by the time the case comes to hearing somebody is at a disadvantage,” he told reporters.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, two judges have been specially assigned to the project in Grenada and it is supposed to be completed by November.

He said that efforts are being made to have a court reporter attached to the Supreme Court Registry as this is considered important in the dispensation of justice in the country.

He cited problems and setbacks at times in getting cases ready in quick order for appeals.

“…So for instance, a case in the first instance come to what we call the high court, a decision is given, a judgment is issued and then one of the litigants might want to appeal that judgment and so they file an appeal but of course without competent reporting and without competent retrieving information and evidence, we’ll have a problem when it comes to the appeal.

“…What we the Cabinet has approved is the establishment of a court reporting system within the Supreme Court registry and we’d also have the update of one Court Reporter to Grade G, a senior court reporter and to make sure that reporting is done on a timely basis and in an efficient manner so that when the transcripts are needed on an appeal, there would be no difficulties that the transcript would be available and available in a very authentic way,” he stated.

“This action taken by the government to try to revitalise this process within the Supreme Court registry and to make sure that we have the personnel qualify and able to do the reporting to get the transcript in order, to timely send the transcript to the Appeal Court then we would find that things are much better.

“…It’s not a norm for us. For us we want our citizens to get the best justice there is and so this effort to establish this special reporting unit within the Supreme Court registry, I think is a very good one and we do hope that this succeeds.

Minister Nimrod announced that presently, there are twelve criminal matters and thirty two civil matters that are down for appeal and to facilitate the process in order to ensure that those persons who require justice get it.

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