Fly Boarding – a new attraction for visitors

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is working along with a private entity to offer Fly Boarding as one of Grenada’s newest attractions on the island.
The service provider is Danny Glover and Jennifer Dutton of Sea Glass Fly Boards and Water Sports located at the L’Anse Aux Epines beach in the south of the island.

Fly Boarder in operation at the L’Anse Epines  Beach

Fly Boarder in operation at the L’Anse Epines Beach

The water sport outfit has been in operation since October 1 but operators Danny and Jennifer told reporters that they have received many inquiries but not many flyers.

They said people are still not too sure about it and that a marketing analysis was done to come up with the best possible cost for the sport.

“We had done a marketing analysis and we have started our pricing at US$179.00 which is the market (price in) the other islands and we have recently lowered the price to US$125.00 and we have a discounts with groups, locals and SGU students off of that….”, Dutton said.

“…It’s a half an hour with instruction. It’s best to get a group together – we have a better price for groups, a discount and you can fly a little bit, get tired, take a break, have somebody else get up there, you can laugh at them, they can laugh at you,” added Glover.

THE NEW TODAY understands that at the end of 2014, there was 2500 Fly boards in the world with two of them in Grenada.

According to Glover, the sporting business is currently working to set up shop on different locations on Grand Anse in order to “do paddle boards there and then a location for fly boards, hopefully”

GTA’s Corporate Communications Officer, Chrislyn Lashington who also spoke to reporters said that the business has been licensed by the GTA as a water sport operator and is calling on locals as well as visitors to try this exciting product.

“It is something that we would recommend you try – you have a thrilling, a craving, you like a little adrenaline rush, you like to feel like you flying and this is why we are really on board and supporting.

“…I do believe it is something that can catch on. As Grenadians we do have a little fear of the ocean and certain things but I think there are a lot of persons still on island who may be willing to try something new. It may be for your birthday or so and you also have to try to realise that we have quite a number of students on island who are accustomed to these types of products being available where they’re from. GTA welcomes Fly boarding as the new attraction on island to visitors.

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