Digicel brings Broadband Internet

CEO, Ciaran Burke – Digicel will become a total communication and entertainment company in the Spice Isle

CEO, Ciaran Burke – Digicel will become a total communication and entertainment company in the Spice Isle

Digicel has finally agreed to roll out its Broadband internet service to provide competition to other telecommunication providers in Grenada.

The Irish-owned company unveiled its plans at a ceremony held at Calabash hotel in the south of the island to mark its 12th anniversary of service to the people of Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, several Ministers of government and Permanent Secretaries, and a host of persons from the private sector and statutory bodies attended the event.

CEO of Digicel, Ciaran Burke announced that the company will provide affordable Internet to homeowners on the island.

According to Burke, this is the next level of investment to be undertaken in Grenada and the company has already completed the first phase of “our new best in class fiber optic network”.

He said that the intention is to first target customers in the southern area of St George’s.

“… We have already started last week Phase Two which will bring it all the way into St George’s to serve all of the businesses to bring you affordable, reliable Internet, broadband speed and to the Government of Grenada”, he added.

Burke pointed out that Grenadians deserve this kind of initiative that is being undertaken by the telecommunications provider.

He spoke of Digicel already submitting “competitive proposals” to its customers and that prices in the industry have already been coming down.

The Digicel CEO put corporate Grenada on notice that its Customer Care teams will soon be approaching them “about all of these developments in great detail”.

“We’ve also been expanding our fibre optic cable systems. We’ve also been expanding other areas of the business like in our mobile advertising platforms”, he said.

“Digicel is using many tricks and tips of the marketing industry and with these new mobile advertising platforms, we’re actually sharing our knowledge with other businesses across Grenada, to help them grow – so if Digicel grows, all of (our) customers grow as well,” he added.

Burke gave assurances that Digicel will not stand idle by and will remain very proactive until Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique have affordable broadband service.

He also announced that the company will be rolling out a lot more exciting developments in 2016 as Digicel forges ahead to become a total communication and entertainment provider on the island.

Prime Minister Mitchell gave full support to the initiatives being undertaken by the company since he believes that a monopolistic service is not the best thing for a country.

He urged Digicel to bring on the competition to the other service providers in the industry.

He also used the occasion to re-iterate his stand on liberalisation in the electricity industry without naming GRENLEC by name.

“… I was against it in electricity and against it in telephone and I’m certainly against it in transport. You see what that is leading up to – a monopolistic service in (air) transport.

“…We cannot find transport, we talk about freedom of movement in the region, we talk about single market and economy and it is taking you days to get from here to St Kitts.

“…I am proud tonight to be part of this initiative here, Digicel has shown itself to be a comfortable corporate entity. We are inspired by your work so far, now we ask that you continue to band your services and reach for the moon because the fact is still our services are totally intermittent.

“I know it happens to me, while you are on the net and next thing it’s off and I am not talking about one aspect of this…I am happy because I know it means that we’re gonna get improved quality services from our service providers.

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