Rubis gives back to LPG customers

Foodland Representative Anya Chow Chung - $500 worth of free groceries will go a long way

Foodland Representative Anya Chow Chung – $500 worth of free groceries will go a long way

A weekend stay for a Grenadian couple at the Spice Island Beach Resort is the Grand Prize that is being offered under the Rubis LPG promotion that was launched last Friday and runs until December 2.

During those months, three persons will win prizes from three draws
to be conducted before the Grand Prize draw on December 2.

According to the promotion, prizes to be won are one year free refill of LPG gas, a LIME Alcatel Pixi phone, Foodland $500 shopping voucher, Hubbards barbecue grill and dinner for two.

Speaking at the launch, Director of Geo F. Huggins, Anya Chow Chung said Foodland supermarkets being Rubis LPG partner, are grateful to be on board with Rubis for this promotion.

“To this end we would be thoroughly excited to present lucky winners in this promotion with one year free LPG gas. So you cooking free for a year and of course we know that the LPG gas lasts long and Rubigas is a fantastic product, so we know that your food will be well prepared”, she said.

Charles Archer – The man in charge of the local Rubis operations

Charles Archer – The man in charge of the local Rubis operations

“… We are presenting three lucky winners with a $500 grocery voucher to shop at Foodland supermarkets – Market Square or Lagoon Road,” she added.

The Foodland representative described as “a fantastic way” the initiative to make things “wonderful” for Grenadians especially at this end of year season and gearing up for the festivities that Christmas brings.”

Local Rubis Representative, Charles Archer, explained how customers can enter to win prizes in the promotion.

“It’s basically a situation where you the customer, if you purchase a 20 pound cylinder from any outlet, or the 100 pound users, you have the opportunity to get four entry forms with your purchase. I know that there are many persons with empty cylinders just waiting on time to replenish. This is your time to refill early and get your entry form so that you could all have a chance to be a winner in this promotion,” he said.

Archer thanked the Spice Island Beach Resort for agreeing to allow a lucky Grenadian couple to experience their first class service for one weekend.

“I don’t think there are better words that can be used to express our
gratitude to Spice Island Beach Resort to really come on board with us and to offer to a Grenadian couple the opportunity for them to experience a lot of what we hear about but persons don’t have the wherewithal to actually experience a weekend stay at a wonderful resort as Spice Island Beach Resort”, he said.

We hear of them (Spice Island Beach) being top class in the world and certainly a Grenadian couple will soon learn what that actually means,” he added.

The promotion is open to all Rubis customers over the age of 18.

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