Rotaract Club welcomes newest scholarship recipient

The Rotaract  Club  of  Grenada  gas announced  the  induction  of Trevette  Redhead  as  its  most  recent  scholarship  recipient.

Trevette, who is now a student of the Grenada Boys Secondary School, will receive assistance from the club for the duration of his Secondary School journey.

Members of the Club with Trevette and his Mother

Members of the Club with Trevette and his Mother

The Scholarship Programme will be providing Trevette with essentials for school including textbooks, uniform, shoes, stationery and school supplies as well as tutoring and mentoring when necessary.

An   induction   ceremony   was   held   on   September   2 at   the Ministry   of   Education, which formally welcomed Trevette and his mother as extended members of the club and also officially handed over all scholarship items.

Speaking at the ceremony,  Rotaract’s  President, Diyanna  Gulston said,  “We’re  very  eager  and  happy  to  be   walking  (Trevette) through   (his)   secondary   school   journey.   In   addition   to the   physical   items that we’ve  presented  to  you,  we’ll  also be  providing  you  with  mentoring.”

Gulston,  also  reminded Trevette’s  mother that  the  club  will  be there  to  support  her along the way.

“Ms.  Redhead,  anything  at  all  that  we’re  able  to  assist with  as  it  relates  to  Trevette’s  education,  once  it’s  within the  club’s  power  and  we  have  the  resources  to  do  so,  we’re here  for  you”, she told the mother.

The   scholarship programme   is   the   brainchild   of   the Community   Service   Committee   of   the   Rotaract   Club, led by Director Kizzy  Simon.

During the developmental stages  of  the  programme,  Simon  and  her team  engaged  the  Ministry  of  Social  Development  for  guidance and  were  provided  with  Trevette’s  profile  for  consideration.

When asked to comment  on  the  planning  of  the  programme, Director  Kizzy  said,  “We  wanted  to  ensure  the  right  student was  selected.  As a community  service  and  non-profit  group, we’re  very  aware  of  the  issues   plaguing   our   society, especially   as   it   pertains   to   youth   and   education”.

She added: “We’re   here   to   make   a difference,  and  this scholarship  programme  is  just  the  beginning  of  what  we  have planned  for  the  rest  of  the  Rotaract  year.”

To  close  off  the  ceremony,  Trevette  expressed  his appreciation  for  being  selected  as  the  club’s  most  recent scholarship  student.

“I thank God  for  the  Rotaract  Club  for  helping  me  out.  And I also  want  to  thank  God  for  being  here  this  afternoon  to  be a  part  of  you.  (The Club)  has helped  in  many  (ways)  and  you have  been  here  for  us.  I’m very happy  to  have  the  club  as my  sponsor.”

The   Rotaract   Club   remains   committed   to   assisting   the educational   sphere   in   Grenada   and   will   be launching  its Annual  Spelling  Bee  competition during  the  upcoming  weeks.

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