More workers losing their jobs!!!

Businessman Joseph Simon has confirmed to THE NEW TODAY newspaper that he will be cutting back on staff at his Liftoff Restaurant & Catering Business at the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) due to lost of a major contract with Virgin Atlantic airline.

Simon said that he has been left with little or no choice to send home another five workers on top of the thirteen who were already sent home months ago due to a decline in business.

Virgin has decided to turn to St. Lucia to provide the food catering instead of Grenada on the return leg of its trip from the Caribbean into London.

According to Simon this appears to be a purely business decision taken by the airline to use St. Lucia and not Grenada to provide the food catering on the last leg of the trip.

“You see Grenada is not the last stop of the trip by Virgin … it is St. Lucia so they have decided to let St. Lucia and not Grenada do the catering for them”, he remarked.

Simon said that the Virgin decision will severely affect his business since it represents at the moment as much as 92% of its financial intake.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the Virgin Atlantic decision could result in Simon’s business losing in excess of EC$1.2 million dollars.

Earlier in the year, the business operator was forced to send home thirteen workers to grapple with revenue losses.

Simon’s Catering business is jointly owned by himself and the Barbados-owned Goddard Group of Companies, which is a major player in the catering business in the region.

In its last report on the performance of the Grenadian economy, the Washington based International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that unemployment on the island “remains high, particularly among the youth”.

The New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell had won the 2013 general election on a campaign platform of creating thousands of jobs through a host of foreign investors who were lined up and ready to come into the country to do business.

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