Turkish Ambassador shows interest in promoting tourism

Professor Doctor Orhan Kural visits Grenada

Professor Doctor Orhan Kural visits Grenada

The Honorary Consul of Benin and Vice Honorary Consul of Vanuatu to Turkey, Ambassador Professor Dr. Orhan Kural, has expressed interest in promoting Grenada as a must-see destination for foreigners.

While on his first trip to the island recently, Dr. Kural visited the office of THE NEW TODAY newspaper in which he identified himself as an experienced writer and the President of the Turkish Traveller’s Club of Türkiye.

Dr. Kural is the author of more than 80,000 articles on tourism and the environment and 16 traveling books, which he said are “very popular” in his country.

The diplomat said that Grenada is one of several Caribbean countries, which he visited recently and is planning to write articles about for submission to the popular newspapers in Turkey.

“I write articles to the most popular newspapers in Turkey and I am the Producer of a major television programme (Bloomberg HT)…I travel all over the world…from one country to another and write articles in the papers… I would also use the articles in my television programme,” Dr. Kural told this newspaper.

He pointed out that his homeland, which is one of the leading countries in economics in the world, has a population of about 80 million people, some of who are very eager to visit the Caribbean.

However, he expressed the view that there is need for the establishment of a Consulate by St. George’s in Turkey to facilitate ease of travel between the two countries.

He pointed out that because Grenada does not have an Honorary Consulate in Turkey, traveling here was “very difficult” for him even though he is the holder of a diplomatic passport.

“I think you need somebody to be a representative. I cannot be (the representative) because I am already the Honorary Consul of 2 countries, so I am not allowed to be (the representative). But I can help Grenada (to) find a Consul…so that there would be good contacts and hopefully an agreement to take the visa out so that the people can come and spend money here,” Dr. Kural said.

“They (Turkish people) want to see different destinations…before they were going to London, New York and Paris, but now they want to see the Caribbean, so I am writing (articles) for them…I have many friends who want to come to Grenada…”, he added.

Ambassador Kural, who is also an environment enthusiast, has championed this cause through educational seminars in several countries around the world.

He said he is optimistic that he will get the opportunity to champion this cause in Grenada soon.

Dr. Kural, who also heads the Mining Engineering Department at the Istanbul Technical University, said the University is interested in offering Grenadian students mining engineering scholarships to study at the Istanbul Technical University.

The 64-year-old is also President of the Association of No Addiction and No Smoking, which was successful in getting the Turkish government to ban smoking in all closed areas under that country’s Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority in January 2013.

While in Grenada, Dr. Kural had a scheduled meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen, to hold discussions on matters surrounding the diplomatic relations between Grenada and Turkey.

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