Thousands spent in repairs to stadium after Spicemas 2015

Bruce Swan – General Manager of the National Stadium

Bruce Swan – General Manager of the National Stadium

Approximately $6000 has been spent in repairs to damages that were done to the playing area and facilities at the National Sporting Stadium during the hosting of Spicemas events three weeks ago.

According to General Manager of the Stadium, Bruce Swan, the repairs were necessary because Grenada is preparing to host the Haiti vs Grenada 2018 world cup qualifier on Friday.

Swan told reporters at a media briefing last Thursday at the National Stadium that work had to be done to bring the facility and grounds back to normalcy.

He made mention of the muddy state the field was left by patrons who attended the soca monarch show just over three weeks ago.

“… We would’ve seen pictures and videos of how muddy the field was”, said Swan.

“The entire stadium would have hosted the event (Spicemas) and they would’ve had damages especially in the toilet areas. We had a number of toilet stalls being broken, we had sinks that were damaged, doors that were damaged – we had the locks on the toilet stall, the basement area, these locks were damaged and had to be repaired. One of the seats was burnt, that too had to be changed. We had windows from the Junior Murray/Rawle Lewis stand that were broken into, that had to be changed as well,” he added.

Swan was upbeat that things are now looking much better three weeks after the hosting of Spicemas events at the stadium venue.

“Three weeks after we are now looking at the field and we are looking at an almost covered green field and all kudos have to go to our ground staff who worked tirelessly in ensuring that the field is prepared to ensure that the football game is played on the best playing field,” he remarked.

According to Swan, the preparations are not only for the football game but also Grenada’s hosting of Pakistan versus West Indies in women Cricket at the end of October.

He noted that the preparations started a little late but the groundsmen still did what they had to do to bring some life back into the stadium.

“We had expected that the Spicemas would get all their stuff the Friday after carnival off the field so that we could have started our repairs, however that didn’t happen. We started on Tuesday of the following week and the preparation was mainly ensuring that all debris was removed from the field and then top dressing the field with sand and additionally manuring and spraying the field for ants and other insects”, he said.

Swan pointed out that what now has to be done “is mainly preparing the entire field to ensure that it is covered with grass so that the football game would have a great surface”.

He made a plea for patrons to respect the facility as it there for the use of everyone.

“We want the public to know that when you come to the stadium we want you to enjoy this first class facility with respect. I do not see any reason why someone would have to remove the sink from the toilet to wash their hands or to wash their faces”, he said.

Swan stated that in going forward, the authorities will have to “put extra measures in place to ensure that its facility is respected for the use of the persons that continue to use it on a daily basis”.

The stadium which was badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004 was rebuilt with funds provided largely by the People’s Republic of China.

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