Modeste-Curwen: Take advantage of the scholarships

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Clarice Modeste-Curwen, is urging Grenadians to take advantage of a number of scholarships offered to the island in the areas of health by Cuba and St. George’s University (SGU).

Speaking to reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing held at the Ministerial Complex, the Foreign Minister called on locals to visit the Scholarship Desk set up by government and take advantage of the scholarships that are being offered to Grenada.

She made specific reference to a number of medicine-related scholarships, amounting to millions of dollars that can result in the island having more specialised doctors.

She said SGU is making 81 scholarships available this year – 60 Undergraduate in various areas, 16 scholarships in medicine, 3 in Premed, and two Masters in Public Health.

She disclosed that in relation to Cuba, the Spanish-speaking Caribbean Island is offering Grenada an increase of ten scholarships in 2015 as the year before it was only five.

“In a small population like ours an increase of 10 is very significant but very importantly this is something as Minister for Health I had been negotiating – that is scholarships in medicine for special areas because most of our physicians who study and come back to Grenada they graduate as General Practitioners”, she said.

“They do not get much of an opportunity to do post-graduates to specialise in various areas and those who do go to other universities and specialize – we don’t often have them returning and so Cuba has agreed to give us now four scholarships in post-graduate medicine, so they will be specialising in various areas, one of that I remember is Obstetrics and Gynecology, we need that,” she added.

According to Minister Modeste-Curwen, a former Minister of Health, Gynecology medicine is presently being provided in Grenada at the State level by a group of Cuban specialists.

“While we love to have them, we think it’s important that we start training our own so that they can provide those services. The other one (specialised scholarship) is Anesthetics and that is an important one,” she said.

The senior government minister also announced that Cuba has agreed to train Grenadians in X-Ray Radiology, Ultra Sonography and Laboratory.

“It is very expensive to train persons in laboratory…we do not have enough of our own technicians, we’ve always had shortages and I believe that my colleague Minister (Nicholas Steele) who is now in Health would say the same and so one by one we’re engaging countries so that hopefully next year we’ll be sending some of these persons to train in technical areas”, she said.

Minister Modeste-Curwen told reporters that China has agreed to provide 16 post-graduate scholarships for Grenadians, costing $734,400 and 10 in undergraduate studies equating to 2.3 million dollars.

“In short term training for 2015, 110 persons have had the opportunity to train in various areas in Food Technology, in Anti-Terrorist Education which is so critical at this particular time and economic development areas which our country is in need of,” she remarked.

The female minister also indicated that Russia, India and Morocco are also offering scholarships to Grenada.

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