Clear Harbor Fire Extinguisher Training 2015

As Clear Harbor continues to expand, employee Health and Safety and Disaster Preparedness will continue to be areas of focus within their organization. On July 31st 2015, twenty members from their management team completed Fire Extinguisher certification which equipped them with the knowledge to prevent and deal with fire emergencies. The team covered the following areas during the certification process:

i.    Fire Classifications
ii.    Types of Fire Extinguishers
iii.    How to Use a Fire Extinguisher
iv.    Guidelines For Fighting Fires

To date Clear Harbor has twenty-eight members of their Support Team certified on how to prevent, detect and extinguish fires effectively and efficiently. They are:

• Alvin Sayers • Benedict Peters • Cameron Philbert • Camisha Williams • Danny Roberts • Daron Franklyn • David Mc Kenzie • Davis John • Devon Patterson • Jacqueline Alexis • Jamie St. Louis • Jesse Mason • Joshua Ventour • Julie Moore • Karlyn Lee • Keivon Regis • Keron Simon • Lee Laldee • Linda Noel • Martino Joseph • Michael Hutchinson • Renneisher Antoine • Ryan Bruno • Stefon Cato • Todd Noel • Tracy Ann Andrews • Travis Duncan • Tyronne Neptune

Clear Harbor has no doubt that they are taking the necessary measures to ensure that their employees are well prepared to deal with disaster and emergency situations whenever they may arise.

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