JetBlue adds another weekly flight to G’da

JetBlue Airways, which entered the Grenada market last June with direct flights from New York on Thursdays and Sundays, is offering a third weekly flight to the island from September 15.

According to Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister, Yoland Bain-Horsford, the New York-based air carrier is now scheduled to operate on Tuesdays from the John F. Kennedy International Airport, Queens, New York into the Maurice Bishop International Airport at Point Salines, St. George.

Minister Bain-Horsford said the increase in JetBlue’s flight to Grenada is as a result of the ongoing extensive marketing campaign and negotiations between Grenada and the airline.

“I think our marketing strategy, along with theirs really helped. The connections, all the different meetings and links we have established with them have played a great role,” the female Minister said, noting that the “visionary airline” is seizing the opportunity to take advantage of the growing interest travelers have been showing in the Caribbean.

“They are really moving swiftly. They are looking down the line and they see how they can build and develop in Grenada. People are looking at the Caribbean now to travel and enjoy…and so they are capitalising on those efforts,” she added.

The Tourism Minister went on: “JetBlue realises that we need their services here in Grenada. They realise that the Caribbean is “it” and they are targeting the Caribbean, and Grenada is open and ready for that kind of targeting”.

According to Minister Bain-Horsford, a fourth Jetblue flight between the two destinations is also expected to begin on January 5, 2016, continuing every Saturday thereafter.

This will bring the JetBlue flight offerings to Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Minister Bain-Horsford referred to JetBlue as one of the alternatives being looked at by Grenada especially with the expected loss of seats from the planned pull-out from the island by the Trinidad-based Caribbean Airlines.

“We are grateful that they chose Grenada and that they are increasing their flights. Grenada is beautiful, and they know that a lot of people have interest in it. They are really taking Grenada seriously under their wing…we are really taking off with airlift in Grenada despite Caribbean Airlines pulling out,” the Tourism Minister declared.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Caribbean Airlines will make its last direct flight to the island on September 9.

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