Anglican Cleric encourages relief from exams stress

Archdeacon of the Anglican Church, Christian Glasgow is not impressed with the high number of subjects that students are writing for the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) Exams.

Archdeacon Glasgow told his congregation during last Sunday’s Worship that having children doing 15 subjects is robbing them of their childhood.

He feared that the after-school classes which are also done on Sundays to prepare the students for the exams are having a long-term negative effect on the growth and development of the nation.

“You are developing children who have little or no social skills because they do not have the time to interact in the community, and to do other things besides sitting down and getting academics strive,” he said.

The Anglican Clergyman applauded the value of academics, but insisted that there has to be a balance.

He believe the time is right for educators to take a second look at the pressure the students have to undergo in order to be successful with the exams.

Archdeacon Glasgow expressed fears that if the pressure is not taken off the students, Grenada runs the risk of developing a very anti-social nation.

Presentation Brothers College Student, Khalil Buckmire, was the top performer in the 2015 exams.

Buckmire who wrote 15 subjects received 13 one’s, and Grade Two in the other two subjects.

Archdeacon Glasgow also made an appeal for volunteers for the Anglican High School (AHS) to assist with the evangelisation process of the Church.

The clergyman is hoping that during the new school year, which commences on September 7, there will be volunteers who can teach the Form Ones “Anglican Hymns” to lead off in the school assembly.

The Anglican Church hymnal forms part of the AHS book list for the Form Ones.

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