Waggy T protests damage to stadium ground

The square in front of the National Stadium at Queen's Park was left in a deplorable condition  (Photo courtesy Chenny Joseph)

The square in front of the National Stadium at Queen’s Park was left in a deplorable condition (Photo courtesy Chenny Joseph)

Local promoter and small businessman, Wayne “Waggy T” Redhead, is upset over the damage that was done to a section of the grounds at the Grenada National Stadium during the Groovy and SMC Power Soca Monarch competition on August 7.

Patrons who opted to remain on the grounds during the duration of the show that ended just after 6:00 a.m. the following morning stayed there despite the consistent showers, trampling through the mud as they reveled and leaving the grounds in a terrible state.

“I am mad, I (am) really vex,” was the response of Redhead when he spoke to The New Today Newspaper.

Redhead, who visited the stadium and saw first hand the damage to the playing area, felt that it could have been avoided.

He recalled that last year he brought into the country some rubber flooring that could be used on grass surface to avoid damage to the field.

He said it cost him EC$35,000 to have the flooring brought into Grenada out of New York.

The flooring that could be placed down on grass surfaces was used during last year’s carnival season to help protect the grounds since Grenada was preparing to host a One-Day International Cricket Match between Bangladesh and West Indies days after the Carnival activities at the stadium.

According to Waggy T, the makeshift flooring was tested for 21 days without any damage being done to the grass hence the reason why the cricket match was able to be successfully played on August 20, 2014.

Redhead said he is baffled as to why none of the flooring that is sitting at his warehouse in Frequente, St. George’s, was used this carnival season.

He said he contacted the National Stadium Authority to remind them of the availability of the flooring, but no one expressed interest in having it used.

“I called them (the National Stadium Authority) about it (the use of the flooring), they said yes it is on the contract that the people (show promoters) must use it, but nobody called me about it and watch at the state of the stadium,” he remarked.

“If they had the flooring that would have never happened because the flooring protects the grass…. If they had used the flooring the damage would not have been like that because the flooring is specially designed to protect the tuff,” he said.

According to the small businessman, makeshift flooring is used at international stadia to protect the field.

While not wanting to point fingers at who should be blamed for the damage to the field, Redhead said the National Stadium Authority should make sure that people use the protective flooring when they rent the stadium.

He voiced concern over the upcoming women’s cricket games that begin on October 22 between West Indies and Pakistan, and the football match between Grenada and Haiti which is scheduled for September 4 at the stadium.

The football match is the 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier for Russia.

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