TAMCC reports a decline in 2015 CAPE results

The 2015 Cape results are in and the TA Marryshow Community College (TAMCC) is reporting an overall pass rate of 83.72%, a reduction from the pass rate of 85.56% in 2014.

Registrar of the College Nigel Gravesande and Associate Kenrick McSween host media briefing

Registrar of the College Nigel Gravesande and Associate Kenrick McSween host media briefing

Natural Science student, Sanjali Mahbubani, topped the CAPE Unit 1 exams with four Grade 1s in Biology, Chemistry, Pure Mathematics and Communications while Ryan De Riggs, another Natural Science Student, topped the CAPE Unit 2 with four Grade 1s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Pure Mathematics and a Grade 3 in Caribbean Studies.

TAMCC officials held a media briefing last week Thursday to disclose that 439 students registered for both the Unit 1 and Unit 2 CAPE as compared to 578 in 2014.

According to Registrar at the College, Nigel Gravesande, the best subject performances in 2015 at the Unit 1 level were recorded in Environmental Science 100% passes, Literatures of English 96.3% and Communication Studies 91.37%.

Gravesande told reporters that in the CAPE Unit 2, the college secured a percentage pass of 83.72% when compared to 90.36% in 2014.

“We are observing a marginal decline in the performances but we had a total of 58 grade 1s at Unit 2 level in 11 subject areas compared to 50 grade ones that would have been achieved in 2014 and in respect of the Unit 2 Grade 1s would have been achieved in Accounting, Art and Design, Biology, Caribbean Studies, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, Geography, Law, Management of Business, Physics and Pure Mathematics”, he said.

“…The best subject performances in respect of the Unit 2 examinations at the Tanteen Campus would have been recorded in Arts and Designs 100%, Literatures of English 95.83%, Pure Mathematics 95.08%, Sociology 94.5%, Physics 94.4%, Geography 93.7% and Environmental Science 92.3%,” he added.

Associate Dean of the School of Arts Science and Professional Studies (ASPS), Kenrick McSween, touched on the possible reason for the decline in the number of students writing the CAPE exams.

He said:  “It could be one because of economics. We have students coming in to register and have to pay school fees in August and you normally have to pay for CAPE somewhere around the middle of October so it’s a pressure on parents – you just pay school fees, you just buy books and you immediately have to pay for exams.

“A lot of students are now going for the Associate Degree because they realise you could get your credits transferred once you intend to further your studies, so they are now going for the Associate Degree which do a lot more than just the CAPE alone,” he added.

In spite of the decrease in performances of the students, Gravesande highlighted the increased performances in areas such as Pure Mathematic, Geography and Literatures of English.

“I am particularly pleased and the College community is particularly pleased that our performances in Mathematics is appearing to be incrementally better than the Means across the region and therefore this is attributable to the very hard and dedicated work of our faculty,” he said.

The outgoing TAMCC Registrar attributed the performance in the CAPE to the level of the Associate Degree awarded by the college every year.

“In reviewing the results, we are seeing a strict correlation between the performances of our students at the Associate Degree level and those at the CAPE. In fact, the best performances that we are noticing at the CAPE would have been replicated at our annual graduation exercise last month, so this in my respectful view, and in the College’s respectful view validates the quality of our Associate Degree, to have an independent examination body, CXC measuring what we do here attest to the fact that we are striving assiduously for the maintenance of standards and it is reflected by the independent assessment of CXC in the case of CAPE,” Gravesande said.

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