Grenadian making her name in music on the international stage

Apart from Soca, Grenada may just have an international music ambassador in Pop/Dancehall in 23-year old Zhavier, an American with very strong roots in Grenada.

Pop/Dancehall Artiste Zhavier

Pop/Dancehall Artiste Zhavier

The Pop/Dancehall artiste visited the Spice Isle for the Carnival season as she felt it was time she knew where she came from and also to get a firsthand experience of Spicemas.

“I am here for promo reasons and also I just had to come here, my mother is from here and I had to just see where mom from. Also, I had to come during Carnival so I can experience that because I’ve only experienced Carnival in New York and I know it’s way better here and I am excited to be here and experience that for the first time,” she said.

The young talent, whose mother is a Grenadian, has been in the music business for over three years and is hoping to gain much success and to represent Grenada and, by extension, the Caribbean as best as she can.

One of her biggest songs, “Gimme that love” was collaborated with Dancehall artiste, Jamaican Beenie Man who was also in Grenada recently for one of the Spicemas shows.

Zhavier spoke with The New Today Newspaper about her journey as an upcoming artiste, “I have been doing it for about four years and I first started out as doing R&B/Pop music and I decided back in 2013 that I wanted to kind of incorporate Dancehall music because I am West Indian and I wanted more of a different unique sound so I decided to put those influences into my music”, she said.

“…Last summer I did a collaboration with Beenie Man, I recorded it in Los Angeles where I live and we wanted to get an artiste on it and we were kinda thinking who should we put on it and then we thought Beenie Man and so I went out to Jamaica for the first time last summer. We met up with Beenie Man and he got on the song, we did the video and now it’s you know number one,” she added.

According to Zhavier, the song has been number 1 in Jamaica and on Tempo for a number of weeks during the summer.

Her new single called “Johnny” was released a few weeks ago and she explains the details of the songs: “As you know sometimes when you go out on a date, there is a kind of a guy who kind of cheap and doesn’t want to pay for your bill. He is the one that you’re wanting, he is everything you wanted but at the same time it’s a cute guy and you don’t know what to do because you still love him…”.

She said the chorus is saying even though the guy is broke “(I) still want him and even though he can’t give me everything I want, I still love him”.

Zhavier stated that she has been receiving heavy support from the Caribbean and it is a driving force as she envisions greater success for herself.

“I just want to make it big and just be everywhere from the West Indies to America, the UK, just wanted to spread and keep my music worldwide,” she said.

Jhadel Perry, mother and also Manager to Zhavier, spoke to The New Today newspaper saying that she never expected Zhavier to go this far but attributes it all to her hard work.

“It’s a little breathtaking because she went from performing in small venues but she went from those to doing major concerts. It is a steady progress and then having the number one song with Beenie Man in Jamaica for 29 or 30 weeks and in the Caribbean it has been number one for four weeks.

“It’s just overwhelming you know, she is getting a lot of love all over the Caribbean, a lot of fans, so hopefully she can set her marks in Grenada.
Perry said she sees really big things for her daughter as she puts her everything into what she does.

“She is a full on performer…when she performs it’s more like a show with dancers and the costumes so we see in the future that if things continue progressing the way it is, we’re seeing and people are saying she is going to be the next big thing coming out of the Caribbean and it will be really great to have an artiste you know that can get to that caliber coming out of Grenada because we don’t have that.

“…The thing about Zhavier is that her music is clean, she has a lot of little kids that are fans and can listen to her music without their parents going, “oh my God”. She has sexy music but it’s not vulgar which you know a lot of the music nowadays seems to be gravitating towards being vulgar.

“…We want to keep her on that track where she can be a role model to little kids, teenagers, people to show them you can still make good music, you can still succeed. So we’re hoping that with this steady progress that she can really pave the way in the industry and be a name that people in Grenada can say, “hey, she is one of us,”.

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