Andre Garvey retains Band of the Year title

AGarvey“We have won again. We would like to say a very special thank you to all our masqueraders who have been a part of the process to bring victory.”

That was the declaration made by Troy Garvey, Public Relations Officer with the 2015 Band of the Year, Andre Garvey and Associates when he was approached by THE NEW TODAY newspaper.

“We must also say a special thank you to all our sponsors and all who would have contributed directly and indirectly to the 2015 presentation and portrayal,” he said.

With an exquisite portrayal of the 2015 theme, “Drink In,” the 8-section mas band from the Carenage retained the Band of the Year title for the 3rd consecutive year scoring a total of 1591 points.

The PRO heaped praise on the masqueraders who helped to bring home the coveted title for the mas band.

“Our interest is that for our masqueraders, the persons who bring the whole concept alive – that they are satisfied that they are a part of what we are trying to do and we are in fact elated and at this point”, he said.

“We just want to tell them thank you very much for being a part of the family and being able to roll out a portrayal the way we intended it to be,” he added.

Andre Garvey and Associates have been presenting mas on the roads for more than 20 years.

This year’s portrayal was carefully selected from some of the well-known cocktails including “Blue Lagoon”, “Campari Orange”, “Rum and Coke,” “Mojito”, “Rum Punch”, “Sex on the beach” and “Vodka orange”.

St Paul’s-based, Commancheros & Associates placed 2nd with 1583 followed by Helen Marie & Associates in 3rd position with 1497 points.

AGarvey 1Andre Garvey and Associates and Commancheros & Associates mas bands tied for the 1st position in the Pageant category on 274 points with Helen Marie & Associates following in 3rd with 262 points.

Andre Garvey & Associates topped the Parade of the Bands category with 800 points, 29 points ahead of Commancheros & Associates (771) in 2nd, and Helen Marie & Associates 3rd on 699.

The 2015 King of the band title went RKD & Associates, which amassed a total of 277 points.
Helen Marie & Associates placed 2nd on 275 points, while Commancheros & Associates came in 3rd with 263 points.

The 2015 Queen of the band title was won by Commancheros & Associates, which also won the title last year.

The St. Paul’s band amassed a total of 271 points, and was followed closely in 2nd position by Andre Garvey & Associates on 266 points with RKD & Associates finishing 3rd on 265 points.

In the Ole mas category, Glenroy Steele won with his portrayal of “White in the Moonlight” while AJ and Associates copped the first spot in the individual category with a portrayal of “Faces of Life,”.

House of Justice placed 1st in the Shortknee category and the Telescope Apache  placed 1st in the Wild Indian category.

Carib won the Monday night category, followed by Guinness in 2nd and Amazing Colours in 3rd.

The Grenada Breweries won the J’ouvert, followed by “J’ouvert ova dose”  in 2nd and Digicel in 3rd.

The Lucozade King of the Road March went to Synnah with his “Jab on Sesame Street”, which, according to the judges, played the most this carnival season.

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