Jenny Simon vs Brenda Hood

NDC’s Jenny Simon could be in for legal action

NDC’s Jenny Simon could be in for legal action

Culture Minister Senator Brenda Hood is contemplating taking legal action against President of the Women’s Arm of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Jenny Simon.

Simon who hosts the weekly NDC Heartbeat Programme on radio asked last Sunday if it is true that Minister Hood met with Calypso Judges and instructed them to crown either the defending Calypso Monarch, King Ajamu or Calypsonian Rootsman Kelly as the 2015 National Calypso Monarch.

“Is it true a meeting of the judges for this evening’s (Dimanche Gras) show was called at the home of the Minister responsible (for Culture), and is it true they were instructed to crown either (Rootsman) Kelly or Ajamu, and make sure Scholar placed far down the line”, Simon asked.

Sen. Hood who phoned into a radio programme on Wednesday said she did not hear the programme but will seek to obtain the tape and review it.

Sen. Hood – reviewing the tapes

Sen. Hood – reviewing the tapes

“I did not hear it, but after I review the tape I will deal with it, legally, because this is total stupidity and that’s not my style… so I will deal with it. I’ve been in this business for too long to be accused of things like that”, she told the programme host.

The senior Government Minister charged that Simon is not only tarnishing her credibility and her integrity, but is also tarnishing the credibility of the other people.

She said that as the Minister of Culture she has the right “to meet with whoever I want to meet with”.

However, she added that she does not engage people in things about who they should pick and who they should not pick.

“That’s not my role. It has never been my role, and it will never be my role because I know where I have to stop and where I begin”, she quipped.

Minister Hood said Simon has been saying things in the past and no one has dealt with it, “but as long as I have the evidence I will take it up”.

“This is total stupidity. Why would you say something like this when you have no facts – you have no evidence to prove that these things occur? Why would you do something like this?” she asked.

According to Minister Hood, the statement made by Simon on the issue of the judges has to be politically motivated.

King Ajamu won the calypso competition for the ninth time, and Rootsman Kelly placed second.

Scholar who won the Calypso Monarch on seven occasions was given the 5th position by the judges.

In recent years, the calypso fraternity in the Spice Isle has been marred by accusation of political divide – one side of singers mainly soca artistes like Sheldon Douglas, Randy Isaac, Inspector and Tallpree being linked to the ruling New National Party (NNP) and the others such as Black Wizard, Mr. X and Scholar considered as supporters of the main opposition Congress party.

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