Ministry of Education assists in educational enhancement

Approximately 60 young Grenadians have gotten the opportunity to further their studies in the name of national development under the Grenada Scholarship programme.

A ceremony was held last week at the Grenada Boys Secondary School (GBSS) where scholarships were handed out to a number of recipients.

hinese Ambassador Ou Boqian in photo op with China Scholarship awardees

hinese Ambassador Ou Boqian in photo op with China Scholarship awardees

The awardees will be attending St George’s University, University of the West Indies in St Augustine, Trinidad, China and some  Commonwealth countries.

Speaking at the ceremony, Permanent Secretary with responsibility for Human Resource Development in the Ministry of Education, Jacinta Joseph said these scholarships sit well with Government’s thrust and commitment to youth empowerment.

She told the ceremony that Government’s investment in education and training of nationals “may be the main key to the success of our economic and social development initiatives.”
Associate Dean of Enrollment and Planning at SGU, Colin Dowe reminded the awardees that while they are pursuing their studies, they have a responsibility as a scholarship awardee and a responsibility as a Grenadian to be true ambassadors.

“Your responsibility is very great simple because, there is always competition in the market and one of the signature aspects of Grenada’s tourism product is our people and you will be the very person through which we would be able to showcase the best of Grenada, both academically and our ability to be hospitable to those visiting,” he said.

Dowe encouraged the students to make the best use of their University life.

“Let me encourage you to be full participants of your University experience. Please get involve, please go out there and learn about the communities that you are going to be in…it is important that you maximize the exposure you can get from a university education,” he said.

Resident Chinese Ambassador, Ou Boqian, whose country is one of the leading contributors to the awarding of scholarships to Grenada, urged the students to remember that they have been recognized for their academic abilities.

“That opportunity was not awarded to you by chance because you are awarded for your hard work and all the efforts that you have made during your studies in your secondary schools or in TAMCC. The same faith will continue when you are studying in your Universities…you need to continue your hard work. This is not the end, it is only a new starting point when you embark on your new journey of further education,” she emphasized.

Ministry of Education and Scholarship officials take picture with a number of scholarship awardees

Ministry of Education and Scholarship officials take picture with a number of scholarship awardees

Minister of Education, Anthony Boatswain, told the awardees that their education does not end after they have received their scholarships and they must do their best to continue aiming for the best.

“In fact, the more you learn, the more you get to realize how little you do know so continue to learn. It’s a process that begins at birth and ends at death. This is the learning experience of life. Why are you here? I dear say it’s not because of luck, neither is it because of any political association or affiliation. You are here because you have done well in your academic pursuits”, he said.

The senior government minister reminded the recipients that over the years the government saw the need to lift the academic bar much higher for scholarship winners.

“We have lifted the bar for those of you who are scholarship recipients and we have lifted the bar because only quality education would determine your future,” he said.

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