Dr. Vincent speaks of plans to destroy Fish Friday

The man behind the weekly “Fish Friday” activity at Gouyave, St. John’s has charged that moves are afoot to destroy the ten-year old event.

Dr. George Vincent, without giving a clear indication of who is behind the plan to “destroy Fish Friday,” told a public meeting of the National Democratic Congress at Loretto, St. John’s last week Wednesday that claims are being made that the event begun in 2005 when the New National Party (NNP) was in government.

He said the strategy is to destroy Fish Friday in an effort to destroy his legacy.

“It is already written, we have ten years of providing employment for over one hundred people by that weekly festival. They cannot take that away,” he said.

The week;y Fish Friday is an open-air activity with vendors lining St. Francis and St. Dominic streets in Gouyave with their grills, fryers, steamers and cookers.

The meals offered include a wide collection of fresh local seafood.

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