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The 2015 Dimanche Gras show will go on Sunday night at the national stadium at Queen’s Park without calypsonians, Allan Gaskin “Allan G” and Edison Frederick “Teacher Eddie”.

Attorney at Law, Claudette Joseph is disappointed that the matter cannot be appealed

Attorney at Law, Claudette Joseph is disappointed that the matter cannot be appealed

The two on Wednesday afternoon lost their court battle brought against the Spicemas Corporation  over alleged bungling of their scoresheets by the judges who adjudicated in the Melody/Pappitette semi-finals held at the Grenville Bus Terminus on July 26.

The New Today understands that the score sheet of Allan G’s second song had the name Teacher Eddie written on it and the score sheet of Teacher Eddie’s second song had the name Nashanda Charles.

The two asrtistes took the position that they were not judged as their names were not written on their score sheets.

Together with their lawyer, Claudette Joseph, the two Calypsonians brought a case before Justice Shiraz Aziz at High Court Number 3 to stay the results of the Semi-finals in an effort to give them a fair chance of entering the finals.

“One cannot decipher by looking at the judges score sheet which artiste or song was being judged and that was our contention and we are saying that (based on) those two things… therefore the competition results should be quashed,” Joseph told reporters.

One of the points argued by the attorney in Court on Wednesday was that  Spicemas Corporation had deviated from rule 2.6 of its published rules and regulation which provide that there be five judges to take part in the semi-final round of the competition.

“At the semi-final, there were seven judges and there have been no reason for the deviation from the rules … since 2011 and a certain complaint my clients have is that the judge who entered the information on score sheet Number Four made a fatal error in that in relation to my client Edison Francis, (and) his song, “Sing Your Song for Yourself”….”, Joseph said.

According to Joseph this judge had the artiste performing the song as Allan Gaskin “so clearly, there is obvious mistake, there is obvious confusion”.

Legal representative for SMC, Sheriba Lewis of the law firm of Kim George and Associates argued that the show should go on as planned as the defendants (Teacher Eddie and Allan G) have not proven how they have been prejudiced by the use of seven judges on semi-finals night.

“There is nothing that has been breached by the act. The Claimant has not shown how it has been breached,” said Lewis.

According to Lewis, SMC is within its rights to use seven judges.

Speaking to media after the judgment was handed down, Lewis said that SMC was victorious  and given the all clear to proceed with its show on Sunday night.

“Leave for Judicial review was not granted, the injunction that the claimant was seeking was also not granted and so the show will continue on the 9th of August as advertised by SMC,” she remarked.

In response, Joseph said it was rather unfortunate that the matter could not be appealed as this would have been the next step open to her clients.

She said the two calypsonians are not in agreement with the judgment.

One of the defendants, Allan G said he believes going to court was the right thing to do even though he was not vindicated.

“If you have a case and you think that justice was not served and you bring it to court and the court makes a decision so I have to respect the judge’s decision. I don’t agree with it but I respect the judge’s decision,” he added.

Allan G believes that a bad precedence has now been set as a result of the ruling handed down.

“What is going to happen is that you could take anybody’s name and put it on any score sheet, staple it together and say that theirs,” he said.

The calypsonian vowed not to take part in future competitions on the island.

The judge ordered Allan G and Teacher Eddie to compensate SMC to the tune of EC$2000.00 in cost.

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