Fourteen added to Sir Royston Scholarship Fund

Fourteen more students have been taken under the wings of the island’s premier hotelier, Sir Royston Hopkin as vouchers have been handed out to the recipients of his Scholarship Fund which is now into its 24th anniversary.

The scholarship awardees that will benefit from the generosity of Sir Royston and Spice Island Beach Resort

The scholarship awardees that will benefit from the generosity of Sir Royston and Spice Island Beach Resort

This initiative was started in 1992 and since then over 100 students have received assistance under the fund.

During a ceremony held last week Tuesday at the Spice Island Beach Resort, it was revealed that the fund is aimed at assisting young people to grow by helping them through education, as well as to meet their financial needs.

The fund is also aimed at giving assistance to students who wish to pursue education right through to TAMCC and also as far as St George’s University.

Speaking at the ceremony, Scholarship Programme Coordinator, Hermian Griffith expounded on Sir Royston’s kindness.

“For Sir Royston and the Spice Island Beach Resort family, money is not the only commodity we find fun to give. We give our time, we give our expertise, we give our love and simply and mostly we give our smiles. Last year, Sir Royston awarded 14 scholarships in total, 12 from the Grand Anse RC School and 2 children of his employees. This year Sir Royston has graciously awarded another 14, we have 11 from the Grand Anse RC School and 3 children of employees of the Spice Island Beach Resort,” she said.

The vouchers received by the present and continuous awardees can be redeemed at various variety stores in St George’s for the attainment of different school supplies that are needed.

Sir Royston, being a firm believer of education and pursuance of dreams, encouraged the awardees to make use of the opportunity.

“At the end of the day everyone of you cannot and will not be a Doctor, Lawyer but everyone of you, if you give your all, if you give your best, if you recognise the opportunity that you have been given, could afford you the opportunity and the chance to get a good formal education, the rest is in your hands”, he said.

“…The fourteen new awardees, you have to challenge yourselves. I challenge myself, I did not make it past Form 4 in secondary school and I am leading one of the top hotels on planet earth. Do you know why? I have applied myself and studied and taken an interest in the environment around me”, he added.

According to Sir Rosyton, his success is also based on the fact that he has “taken an interest in what the competition is and as a result I empower myself, challenge myself to do better and better every day of my life”.

Teacher at the Grand Anse RC School, Frankson Marshall, encouraged recipients to excel at what they do as this is the best way to give back to Sir Royston.

“Students, parents, it is all well and good to come and sit here and put on your fancy faces and your clean clothes and smile but the best thing that you can do to show your gratitude is to be as successful as you can. I know you smile and you sit and you listen as courteously as you can, when you leave here today and you venture into your respective institutions, remember this morning and aim to excel and be the best that you can be as your gratitude for what you have been given here today,” he said.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Education, Sen Simon Stiell, who also attended the ceremony, told the students that they are blessed due to the assistance being given by Sir Royston.

“There are many other families who would have loved to be sitting here today as recipients of this noble award. Your selection for this award says to me that you have been recognized as students with the ability to do well. I charge you therefore to make the best use of this Scholarship do not take this award for granted. Study hard, be focused and follow your dreams wherever that may lead to. You have a wonderful journey and a wonderful adventure ahead of you,” he said.

Persons receiving special awards at the ceremony was 2014 recipient Aaliyah Harry, 2012 awardee Shade Davis, 2011 awardee Latoya John, 2009 awardee Sheldian Francis and 2015 awardee Aliyah Bishop.

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