Eighteen (18) more Grenadians graduated from various Cuban universities

This year Eighteen (18) Grenadians have graduated from various Cuban universities.

A release from the Grenada Embassy in Cuba said that after years of training, these young professional are ready to serve in various capacities for nation building.

The graduating Nurses are in the company of Ambassador Charles and Education Minister Anthony Boatswain

The graduating Nurses are in the company of Ambassador Charles and Education Minister Anthony Boatswain

The release added that most of the graduates “did achieve the highest grades at the university and were all recognised for their studies and also extracurricular activities”.

The student were taught Spanish in their first year and were engaged in practical aspect of their field of studies.

“We are grateful to the Government and people of Cuba who made this sacrifice despite being under an economic blockade for over fifty years”, the release said.

“The Embassy in Havana has provided support to the students throughout their time in Cuba. The Embassy was especially delighted to have Hon. Anthony Boatswain, Minister for Education at the graduation of the nurses in the province of Matanzas”, it added.

In her message to graduates,  Ambassador of Grenada to Cuba, Claris Charles said, “You have faced many challenges throughout your six or seven years, the struggle to learn and study in a new language, the struggle to cope with a different culture far from home, family and
friends. But you have survived. You have succeeded. Now you move on to face other challenges only today you now possess the academic, emotional and spiritual abilities to cope”.

“Remember always that you are survivors and survivors never quit. So go forward with faith in your abilities and trust in your God, that you will make Grenada, the region and the world a better place”, she told the graduates.

Graduating Grenadian Students – 2015

1 – Stephanie Jeremiah  Library Science         Havana

2 – Kareem Phillip               Agronomy                       Mayabeque

3 – Kazia Francis                 Nursing                       Matanzas

4 – Carmita Williams      Nursing                       Matanzas

5 – Indra Francois                Nursing                       Matanzas

6 – Cathy-Ann Williams    Nursing                       Matanzas

7 – Sherice Phillip               Nursing                       Matanzas

8 – Nadia Belfon                   Economics            Cienfuegos

9 – Camille S. S. Humphrey    Medicine          Ciego de Ávila

10-Candice Bethel                   Medicine                    Granma

11-Zinda Zane Henry         Medicine                    Granma

12-Sherry Ann Phillip       Medicine                    Granma

13-Mathew Kimani Neckles  Medicine              Granma

14-Marvin Cordell Corion    Medicine                    Granma

15-Kendall Charles           Architecture               Santiago de Cuba

16-Trolony Haynes            Economics          Santiago de Cuba

17-Nakisha DeRoche        Accounting and Finance         Santiago de Cuba

18-Shamilah Teresa Simon            Medicine            Santiago de Cuba

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