DIGICEL & Fit For Life Gymnasium partner to promote healthy lifestyle for carnival

The desire to look good and feel good resides in the heart of every one of us. Many of us just need a little encouragement to do the work that brings the desired results.

Fit for Life Workout at Morne RougeIn 2013, when approached regarding the Fit for Life Fitness Revolution concept Digicel jumped at the opportunity and offered support as Title Sponsor. The overwhelming subscription to the event that followed later proved this to be a worthwhile venture.

Digicel, as a corporate entity, has always recognized the need to stay fit, healthy and nimble, so this fits perfectly with the business values we always have represented in Grenada.

Apart from that, Digicel recognizes the growing need to encourage persons to become more aware about the rise of lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and high blood-pressure which may lead to even more serious life threatening illnesses.  These diseases are debilitating many in the national workforce and can be reduced by getting people to become more physically active.

This year Digicel is renewing its commitment to supporting, over the next five weeks, persons who want to improve their health and fitness in the hope that persons would see the benefit of getting regular, vigorous exercise.

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