Children’s Carnival Frolic a Success

2015 Junior Calypso Monarch, Heidi Charles receiving her $3000 cheque from a representative of Huggins

2015 Junior Calypso Monarch, Heidi Charles receiving her $3000 cheque from a representative of Huggins

Commancheros and Associates and Helen Marie and Associates emerged as the major winners in the 2015 Children’s Carnival Frolic (CCF) held on Saturday at the national sporting stadium at Queen’s Park.

Helen Marie retained the title of King of the band, and tied with Commancheros and Associates for the title of Queen of the band, while the Junior Panaroma championship went solely to Commancheros and Associates.

The 2014 Junior Calypso Monarch, Nathan Johnson was dethroned by 13 year old Heidi Charles in the much-anticipated battle among the nation’s young and upcoming calypsonians.

The only major blemish on the event was the late start but it was well attended by hundreds of patrons who turned up to support the young ones.

This year’s CCF saw a total of six fancy mas bands, three Traditional mas bands, six Pan bands and 10 Junior Calypsonians.

Helen Marie and Associates with its portrayal of “Galaxy Adventurers” took first place in the Fancy Mas band section with 502 points, while Commancheros and Associates took second place with 481 points.

Queens of Band - Whitney Morain (Commancheros) and Shamira John (Helen Marie)

Queens of Band – Whitney Morain (Commancheros) and Shamira John (Helen Marie)

Newcomer in CCF, “Fusion” with its portrayal of “In the beginning” took third place with 433 points.

This is the third consecutive year that Helen Marie and Associates won King of the band among junior masqueraders.

Vice President and Head Designer of the band, Lendon Bullen told THE NEW TODAY newspaper it is always a good feeling to be rewarded for hard work.

“A lot of work went into the costume production – a lot of thought and imagination,” he said.

The band had five sections – UFO, Satellite, Moon and Stars, Rockets and Planets which made up the portrayal “Galaxy Adventurers.”

A delighted Bullen went on to say: “The idea of the costume was easy to deal with. It was very creative and I knew it would be fun for the kids as they are taught about the solar system in schools”.

Demonic Angels secured first place in Traditional Mas with 321 points, followed by Hermitage Shortknee (293.5 points) while third place went to Young House Justice (281.5 points).

The St. Paul’s outfit known as Commancheros and Associates was named Junior Panaroma Champions after amassing 278.5 points with their rendition of the song, “Raise your hands” by Flying Cloud.

King of the Band - Cameron Bain

King of the Band – Cameron Bain

Taking second place was Republic Bank Angel Harps with 262.5 points, playing Ajamu’s, “The Carenage on Fire” while third place winner was Wiz Kids with a total of 225.5 points after playing “Whole day we Jammin” by Blacka-Dan.

13 year old Heidi Charles who attends the Anglican High School (AHS) became the 2015 Junior Calypso Monarch with her song “Before Behind” that attracted 246 points from the judges.

The second place spot went to student of the St. David’s Catholic Secondary School, Joliba Regis (239 points) with her song “Mathematics” while the 2014 winner, Nathan Johnson, son of seasoned calypsonian, Raphael “Croqueta” Johnson, took third spot with 232 points with his song, “Doh vex with me.”

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