AHS Student Wins Junior Calypso Monarch

A student of the Anglican High School (AHS) has walked away with the 2015 Junior Calypso Monarch Title.

Heidi Charles receiving her cheque as winner of Junior Calypso Monarch

Heidi Charles receiving her cheque as winner of Junior Calypso Monarch

Heidi Charles who delivered a composition called “Before Behind” which she composed with the help of her mother, Jeanette Charles who introduced her to singing calypso, together with a former teacher of the St. David’s Catholic Secondary School came out on top with 246 points.

Charles who spoke to The New Today Newspaper credited the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT) “Past The Torch Calypso Programme” where the basics of writing and singing calypso is passed on to budding Calypsonians in giving her the ability to be able to compose the song.

The 2015 Junior Calypso Monarch who is a Form Three student at AHS started to sing calypso at the age of nine.

Heidi placed fifth in 2010 in the junior competition that year and last year she placed fourth in the competition.

Another female, Joliba Regis with a rendition of “Mathematics” took the second spot with a score of 239 points.

The 2012 Junior Calypso Monarch, Nathan Johnson who sang “Doh Vex With Me” had to settle for the third place.

Kenisha Morain with “They Whining” occupied the fourth spot, while the fifth position went to Jade Reuben who sang “Enough Is Enough and in sixth position was Michael Griffith with his song “Good Parenting”.

Jelonie Flemming who sang “Sing Jelo Sing” occupied the seventh position, Adama Forbes with “Uplift Yourself” placed in eighth and ninth was Ali Junior Simon who sang “Will Yo Be Ready,” and occupying the tenth position was Anthony Celestine with “My Calypso.”

The Junior Calypso Competition formed part of the Children’s Carnival Frolic (CCF) that included the parade of the traditional and fancy mas, and the Junior Steel Band Competition.

Helen Marie and Associates was the major winner in the fancy mas category with a portrayal “Galaxy Adventures.” The mas band walked away with King of the Band which was portrayed by Cameron Bain with Satellite in Orbit.

Helen Marie and Associates also shared the Queen of Band title with Commancheros and Associates.

Both Shamira John from Helen Marie and Associates portraying a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) in flight, and Whitney Bowen from Commancheros and Associates with a depiction of the Witch Doctor tied for the title.

In the fancy mas section, Helen Marie and Associates amassed 502 points to take the first position. Commancheros and Associates took the second position with 481 points.

The third place went to Fuzion with 433 points – a band that made its entry for the first time at CCF and portraying “The Beginning” with five sections.

In the traditional mas competition Demonic Angels scored 321 points to take the top position. In second position with a score of 293.5 points was Hermitage Shortknee.

Young House Justice occupied the third position with a score of 281.5 points.
Lime Commancheros Steel Orchestra stopped the winning streaks of Republic Bank Angel Harps which won the Junior Calypso Monarch for the past three years.

With 50 players playing a Flying Cloud composition of “Raise Your Hand,” the 2015 Junior Panorama Champion which previously won the competition in 1994, 2007, 2008 and 2009 scored 278.5 points to take the top position.

Republic Bank Angel Harps, the nine times Junior Panorama Champs which played “Carenage On Fire” scored 262.5 points to occupy the second position.

Former Junior Panorama winner in 2005 and 2006, Suzuki Wiz Kids Steel Orchestra which played “Hold Day We Jamming” by the 2013 Groovy Monarch Blaka Dan scored 225.5 points to settle for the third position.

Six steel bands participated in the Junior Panorama Championship.

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