Seaman Loses Both Feet on High Seas

Grenadian seaman Bernard Hagley died early Wednesday morning following a mishap at sea.

The seaman who is from the sister isle of Carriacou reportedly bled to death after losing both feet on the high seas between Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago.

Hagley was on board the Mary-G which ran into difficulties late Tuesday night while making the weekly journey from the Grenville Port in St. Andrew’s to the dock at Port-of-Spain in Trinidad.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY that the Mary-G issued a distress call and another Grenadian boat, United Princess which was also travelling down to Trinidad responded to the call to offer assistance.

He said that United Princess pulled up alongside the distressed boat to tie a rope to pull the ship into the Port-of-Spain harbour.

“What I can tell you is that the rope snapped and the force cut off both foot of the seaman on Mary-G. Another seaman on board Mary-G was also badly injured. One of his foot was broken and he had some kind of an injury to the head”, he said.

THE NEW TODAY has been able to identify the injured seaman as Akiva Augustine who is from the mainland.

According to the source, the Trinidad and Tobago authorities were alerted and sent out a small boat that experienced difficulties in coming alongside the two Grenadian boat since the waves were very high and prevented the rescue vessel from picking up the injured men to take them as quickly as possible to the Port-of-Spain General hospital for treatment.

He said the sailor who died was left to bleed to death as he was forced to make the trip lasting almost nine hours in his badly injured state.

It is the second tragedy to struck one of the Grenadian boats making the weekly trip to Trinidad & Tobago as part of the traffickers’ trade with the neighbouring oil-rich republic.

The Clarion J which makes the weekly run from Grenville to Port-of-Spain in Trinidad & Tobago sank on Saturday losing all its cargo estimated at approximately one million dollars.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper was told that the 14 persons including crew members who were on board the vessel had to be rescued by the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard as the boat sank approximately three miles off the coast of Trinidad.

The vessel was due to set sail last Friday from Trinidad for Grenville, according to Glenroy Andrews, first vice president of the Customs Clerk and Brokers Association. In the twin island republic.

The sailing was delayed to Saturday Andrews disclosed to Grenada Ports Authority official Estherlyn Lett who contacted him when the Clarion J did not arrive as anticipated.

However, Andrews was again contacted on Saturday by the Grenada Ports Authority which advised that the Clarion J, still had not arrived.

Fearing the worst, Andrews contacted the Trinidad and Tobago (TT) Coast Guard, and was later informed that the vessel began to sink, at about 5 p.m. on the Saturday, after departing from Entrada Point in Trinidad.

Coast Guard officials understand that the crew members were aware of the leak on the boat before the Clarion J set sail, but they believed the vessel could still make the trip.

All 14 of the crew members were rescued from the ship by two TT Coast Guard interceptors.

No injuries have been reported.

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