Chester Humphrey calls for sanctity of cemeteries

President of the Senate, Chester Humphrey wants to see urgent regulations put in place to safeguard the sanctity of cemeteries.

Sen. Humphrey expressed his displeasure over the way cemeteries are now being disrespected during last week Thursday’s meeting of the Upper House of Parliament.

The Senate President is urging government to take urgent and immediate action to stop the desecration of the cemeteries.

He said cemeteries are now used as dump sites, housing settlements and a parking lot, and there seems not to be any rules and regulations governing the use of the cemeteries.

“People are building skyscrapers. Shortly, in order to put a candle on the grave of a departed one which is a tradition… you may very well have to climb a scaffolding or a ladder. There is absolutely no regulation, there is a do as you wish,” he said.

The veteran trade unionist indicated that cemeteries are not just the place where bodies are interred, but they are a reservoir of formation.
He said at the cemetery at the Anglican Church yard in Sauteurs, St. Patrick’s there is a grave of a Grenadian doctor who has made a tremendous contribution to the discovery of sickle cell disease.

The Senate President said people might be shocked, based on his belief (avowed atheist), that he is calling for the sanctity of cemeteries.

“But I can tell you that it is a socio-cultural issue for me… and I make an appeal that some urgent regulations must be put in place, some authority must be established, and we must stop the building of houses in the cemetery,” he told a Senate session.

Sen. Humphrey suggested that before the houses are turned into concrete houses by their owners they should be ordered to be removed by the relevant authorities.

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