New Junior Calypso Monarch to be crowned

Patrons attending the Children’s Carnival Frolic (CCF) on Saturday can expect a great show from the junior calypso segment of the frolic.

Damini Brizan who was charged with the responsibility of organising the semi-final leg of the competition that took place last week Saturday at Pomme Rose Roman Catholic School in St. David’s told The New Today Newspaper he believes the final will be very competitive among the participants.

Brizan said there is a steady growth in the number of children participating in the Junior Calypso Competition on an annual basis.

Last year there were 15 competitors , and this year there were 19 Junior Calypsonians in the semi-final.

Brizan attributed the growth in numbers to the “Past The Torch Calypso Programme” that is organised by the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT).

Seasoned Calypsonians such as Black Wizard, Scholar, Teacher Eddie, Croquetta and others are used in the programme as Instructors to impart the basics of writing and singing calypso to the upcoming youngsters.

The programme is conducted every Saturday during each term of the school year.

Brizan said 18 of the Juniors got their origins from the GUT Programme.

Ten Calypsonians have been selected to participate in the competition.

Topping the list is Joliba Regis who amassed 399 points.

The other participants are the 2012 Junior Monarch Nathan Johnson, and Jade Reuben who both scored 397 points, Heidi Charles with a score of 393, Jelonie Flemming with a score of 388, and Micahel Griffith who scored 380 points.

The list is completed with Kenisha Morain who amassed 375 points, Anthony Celestine with a score of 370 points, Adama Forbes with 368 points, and Ali Junior with 353 points.

The standby is Chantele Bartholomew who mustered 350 points.
According to Brizan, many of the songs are based on social issues confronting the society, and technology.

A new monarch will be crowned tomorrow as Young Stunna, the son of Scholar, who won the competition for the past two years has passed the age limit of 16 years.

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