Clear Harbor First Aid Training 2015

As Clear Harbor continues to expand, employee Health and Safety and Disaster Preparedness will continue to be areas of focus within their organization. On July 9th, 2015 eight members from their management team completed First Aid Certification.  The training allowed selected members to become qualified First Aiders as they exhibited the ability to provide help to others during various emergency situations. The certification process included the areas of First Aid, CPR/AED and Choking.

To date Clear Harbor has a total of fourteen members of their Leadership Team who are certified First Aiders. They are:

• Cameron Philbert • Camisha Williams • Indira Kirton • Jevon Belmar •  Katisha Douglas •  Kenither Charles •   Linda Noel •   Lucia Edwards •   Michael Hutchinson •  Mikhail McKenzie  •   Sheba Hagley •   Stefon Cato •  Tracyann Andrews •   Yvonne Thomas

On July 31st 2015, Clear Harbor will take employees safety and security to the next level as selected employees will be receiving Fire Extinguisher Training. A total of nineteen members of their Management team will receive the opportunity to participate in the certification process, which will enable them to be educated on how to prevent, detect and extinguish fires effectively and efficiently.

Clear Harbor has no doubt that they are taking necessary measures,  as their employees will be well prepared to deal with disaster & emergency situations whenever they may arise.

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