Sen. Hood: Permission has to be gotten

Spicemas Corporation is urging promoters and other associates of Carnival to be mindful of certain trademark household names and to seek permission before using any of them.

The list includes the Children Carnival Frolic (CCF), Pantastic Saturday, Bacchanal Friday, Majestic Thursday, Monday Night Mas, Vecou, Shortknee, Spicemas, Spice Island Bacchanal, Spice Island Carnival, 473 Carnival and Jab Jab.

According to Culture Minister, Senator Brenda Hood, these names have been trademarked by SMC and the state-run body is insisting that permission ought to be gotten for use in non-SMC activities.

“These are things that we did in 2012 and 2013 – registered it. It cost Spicemas a lot of money for us to trademark it so what we are saying to people out there that if they would like to use the names, we are not saying no but you must check with Spicemas so that permission can be granted,” she said.

Speaking to reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet Press Briefing Tuesday, Sen. Hood reminded show promoters that certain areas fall exclusively under the domain of Spicemas for the entire Carnival season.

“Again if you want to use certain areas, location in Grenada – and this is nothing new – we have been doing it for years, you need to write to Spicemas for permission to do so”, she said.

“…It’s not that we are preventing anyone because the more events that we have in the country is the more people will spend and the more people will have a good time but we want to do it properly through the Spicemas so we know exactly what is taking place,” she added.

Grenada’s annual carnival celebrations will climax on August 10-11.

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