NDC planned to provide Tablets

The former Tillman Thomas-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government were putting measures in place during its 2008-13 reign in power to provide Tablets to secondary school students, according to former Junior Minister Glen Noel.

Appearing as a guest on a radio talk show programme, Noel said the previous administration had entertained a delegation from telecommunication provider, Digicel which wanted to begin a programme of providing Tablets at the classroom level.

According to Noel, the plan was to provide the Tablets to students at the Form 5 level after the teachers would have first been exposed to training, and the schools properly equipped for the use of technology.

He said there is nothing wrong in introducing technology in the school system through the use of Tablets.

The former Information Minister highlighted the free schoolbooks programme which he accused the Keith Mitchell Government of undermining.

The schoolbooks programme began in September 2008, two months after Congress won the General Elections.

The programme replaced the text book rental scheme that targeted students who were identified as “needy.”

He promised that a Congress Government will continue the school books programme which was one of the flagship social programmes that was used to cushion the economic strain on parents.

Noel said the system is now politicised with Government Ministers bypassing the Ministry of Education and providing vouchers for school supplies from the Parliamentary offices to children of their supporters.

“It is a partisan, political programme rather than a complete programme where the government recognise that they need to institutionalize a programme that would assist every Grenadian,” he added.

The NNP has often been accused of targeting the children of its supporters to primarily benefit from the programme whenever the party is in power.

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