Nigel Murray faces more drug charges

Nigel Murray after Tuesday’s hearing

Nigel Murray after Tuesday’s hearing

Nigel Murray, who is currently serving a 12-year prison term at Her Majesty’s Prison after being found guilty of possession and trafficking of a controlled drug, has yet another drug related matter before the High Court.

Murray, who is in the process of appealing both his sentence and conviction to the Court of Appeal, is also jointly charged with another suspect whose name was not disclosed during Tuesday’s sitting of the St. George’s High Court with possession of approximately 65 pounds of marijuana.

Only Murray appeared before Justice Price-Findlay at the St. George’s High Court on Tuesday and the matter was adjourned to September 25 for trial.

This newspaper understands that Attorney-at-Law Francis Paul is representing the co-accused. Attempts by this newspaper to contact Attorney Paul for comment on the case proved futile.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the quantity of marijuana in question was discovered in a bus when it was stopped and searched by police officers, somewhere along the Grand Etang main road back in 2009.

Murray’s defense attorney, Anslem Clouden said his client has no knowledge of drugs that were being transported in the vehicle on the day in question.

“No drugs was found in the vicinity of his place of abode nor has he acknowledged having any knowledge of the drugs,” Clouden declared in an interview Tuesday.

During Tuesday’s hearing, the experienced defense attorney requested an adjournment in the matter due to the fact that the court would be vacationing in two weeks time and the trial is expected to take more than two weeks to complete.

“We have to go before a judge and jury…Murray doesn’t know anything about those drugs and we are going to have our day in court,” he told this newspaper.

Murray was found guilty earlier in the year for drug possession in connection with a police operation resulting in drugs that landed in the Grand Mal sea area.

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