Hoyte Ollivierre Charged for Cocaine

The law has caught up once again with forty-nine year-old Joseph Hoyte Ollivierre was among four persons who were taken into custody last week Wednesday by members of the Drug Squad, under the command of Superintendent Roderiques James after 10 kilos of cocaine were recovered on-board a motor vessel, “M/V RoRo”.

Hoyte Ollivierre – has left many tongues wagging following the cocaine charge

Hoyte Ollivierre – has left many tongues wagging following the cocaine charge

The vessel, owned by Ollivierre, was intercepted outside the waters of Grand Mal Bay, by the Grenada Coast Guard.

According to a police report all four occupants were detained after a search of the vessel led to the discovery of the cocaine with an estimated street value of EC$1 million dollars, a 12-gauge shotgun along with three cartridges, and an undisclosed quantity of cash.

The Drug Squad later released three of the men including the captain of the boat but held onto Ollivierre based on their investigation and directives given by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

The boat has since been impounded and the La Borie resident was slapped with four indictable charges – possession and trafficking of a controlled drug, and possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition.

Attorney-at-Law, Peter David, has been retained to represent from the sister isle of Petite Martinique.

Investigations carried out by this newspaper indicate that the common-law wife of the drug accused is attached to Ciboney Chambers, the law firm associated with David.

Ollivierre appeared at the St. George’s Magistrate’s Court on Monday and was granted bail in the sum of EC$900, 000.00 with three sureties by Magistrate Tahira Gellineau.

The suspect, who is the nephew of well-known US-based Educator, Dr. Frank Caesar, was also ordered to surrender all his travel documents forthwith, report to the St. Paul’s Police Station every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. and to not leave the State without the permission of the court.

The Magistrate also urged the suspect to adhere to the conditions set out in his bail arrangement, warning him of the consequences for breaking any of them.

Police Prosecutor, Inspector Godfrey Victor opposed bail on the grounds that Ollivierre was previously convicted twice on charges of possession of firearm and ammunition, for which he was fined an undisclosed sum of money.

In 2008,  Ollivierre was jointly charged with Woburn resident Nyland
Riley for being in possession of a large quantity of cocaine.

A police official said that the charge against Ollivierre was eventually withdrawn based on circumstantial evidence but Riley was convicted and fined EC$150, 000.00 for being in possession of the illegal drugs.

THE NEW TODAY is also looking into reports that a boat operated by a brother of the drug suspect was apprehended and seized in a neighbouring island on allegations of drug running.

Two weeks before Ollivierre’s arrest for being in possession of the 10 kilograms of cocaine, a party of officers attached to the Drug
Squad carried out a search of the same vessel but did not find anything illegal.

A furious Ollivierre made several caustic remarks about the conduct of the lawmen and accused them of trying to tarnish his character and reputation.

Ollivierre is a seaman by profession and a prominent member of the Lady of the Rosary Parish Catholic Church in St. Paul’s where he sings at regular Sunday morning mass with the Choir.

A source close to the church confided in this newspaper that it was more than likely that the drug accused would be asked politely “to take a back seat in church activities and not appear with the choir for the time being”.

Ollivierre is expected to return to the St. George’s Magistrate Court on September 24 where the charges would be officially read to him.

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